Unkempt and Disheveled I emerge from my Hot shower looking like an African version of the Irish Banshee. If I stopped coloring my wild woolly riotous mane it's changing vivid Red hues it would regress to its natural white state and along with accompanying screams from my arthritic joints I could become the daytime version of the Wailing Woman spirit. With every crack, creak, pop and snap of pain points in back, knees and ankles I shamble my way towards Crone hood. Aging rapidly before my time hobbling into the oncoming week which slams into me like a tractor trailer truck on a dark misty slick road. I'd do well as one of many Female apparitions in Shakespeare's plays. Whose dreams shall I haunt tonight?

One day while on deck we Jumped, You and I.
Across Oceans.
Over the Seven Seas.
Towards Freedom.
The fluttering’s within led us to know that………….
No Womb Child of Ours would serve foreign masters in a strange land.
Now we Two Lovers are sealed in an Eternal Embrace wrapped around Eons.
Our sacred bones have become Undersea chapels where Ocean denizens worship daily.
They swim through our frameworks paying homage via weaving seaweed, decorating our frames with diatoms and Ocean sea grasses as adornments for our Holy Cathedrals.
Phytoplankton, kelp and algae melodically bow in reverence and awe to displaced ancestors who chose to answer that yearning for the Motherland by throwing off heavy corporal prisons and keepers that sought to bind them to an unfamiliar future in the bosom of a generation who had forsaken the Creator.
Releasing our souls to the Originator we whisked through the briny deep where our son Menelik was reborn as Ethiopian Royalty.
For we knew that the People could Fly……. the Queen of Ethiopia and Egypt shall rise again to Reign once more.

Cartoons and Comics on LSD, Speed and Sautéed Mushrooms!

Revealing the Truth through Abstraction

Who are Minotaurs, Chimera and Centaurs? the likelihood a:
When Emma Frost
 is a wish that, then you can Flip The White Queen
is not shaking, Emma
Frost was a collection of human parts that you
follow and see where they
lead because she have the you Flip no waiter,
Emma Frost you have it Oh
cormorants or is she the chick from the gym?
Emma Frost that of Moon Circle
Gaia crawl not and should be a$$? She scoots her
white azz through petrol. 
Why is the Full Moon in Venus surrendering to
August who sprang from her
Father’s head fully formed?  
Philip Glass - Koyaanisqatsi (1998 Re-recording of the soundtrack, full album)

A City on a Rock
Style of Goya
(Spanish, 19th century)

[DeBorah Le Raconteur]


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