In my nightly tryst upon my bed
in dreams cupids arrow takes its flight
with the chilling visions in my head
memories long ago with in the night

Of nights where I dwell in marbled halls
and ancient ornate rugs bedeck the floors
and tapestries do cover all the walls
and molding gilded gold upon her doors

Upon the stairs in running I take flight
and fear is chiseled upon my mortal bones
men have entered with weapons in the night
and behind I hear the screams and groans

Or nights I float through homes of glass
and beneath I watch the waters silvery flows
overhead the clouds of copper pass
and in the greenhouse fruit aplenty grows

Or dwell I in a home that’s not my own
and out step I to see the vanishing sun
a malevolent cloud proceeds to its dome
and clothed in black becomes our earthly home

Or wearing robes of white I cast my crown
laying prostrate with my face to ground
knowing I am not worthy of the gown
or the love within that I have found

In vision I see the man I love
and yet the book of truth unwrapped
though his fit is like a glove
I run as always I’m feeling strapped

Within the dreams is cast our loves and fears
and the toil of thought we daily task
entombs the memories of our years
and the wine within it’s earthly flask

1KINGS 3:4-6 JOB 7:14 33:14-19
ECC. 5:3 DANIEL 2:19-2


Your heart my Love
worth more      than a thousand mines of gold
they could never purchase
the purest        standards from times of old
there is such beauty
in songs       where justice does prevail
where the stories told
those causes          the judges never fail
in whom the welfare
of mankind's oppression's          are overcome
and your pursuit of
them can so never         be outdone
it is there I rest
in the meditations              of your mind
songs of clarity
in which ones destiny           has not been blind
and there put you forth
a call             that others would you join
and fey despise
those who would virtue              to purloin
in whose faultlessness
draws forth               the throng and multitude
that we all might see
in us like innocence               therein exude
so alas I thought
to reach this              is the strivings of the mad
out of grasps reach
to imitate this pattern              might be had
but it is your gift
and the power of its spirit             we display
wherein are abled
we to walk            its path in every way
there we to approach
a mighty throne            built of just and true
and learn these statutes
and everyday enact them          what we do
where we are drawn
unto a model           whose display is without equal
and to pass it on
to others             its perfections are the sequel



All that does encompass bespeaks wonder in everything
bubbling brooks and waterfalls does your glory ring
terrestrial and celestial ever fill our eyes with seeing
how can not it's splendor not fill our very being

raindrops in waters with their rippling wake
and mesmerize our souls does the rushing make
gentle breezes lifting dappled leaves in dance
and some say it all came about by chance

How does this effusion elude a single man
when everywhere one turns it's radiance does stand
Nebula and quasar adorns a cloaking sky
and some choose to call the truth a lie

How lofty and profound in it's depth designed
everywhere one turns does God's eminence remind
lavender and magenta do our roses wear
magnificent in color intended gardens care

In florescent rainbows are a peacocks feathers
multi patterned flowers among the blooming heathers
many hues of blue stretch across the sky
changing shades of azure of the seas close by

In Africa's dense jungle ring tailed lemurs leap
Asia's tarsier in the day does sleep
the giant and red panda in bamboo forests eat
meerkats make their manor underground to keep

Springbok and Okapi migrate within the land
camels and dromedary travel in the sand
kingfishers underwater dives yet he cannot swim
the hoopoe within Europe summers on a limb

Golden plovers and sandpipers do the beaches run
in every nation some great cat naps beneath the sun
the ruby topaz hummingbird and bird of paradise
the chameleon changes turf and puts on his disguise

Through filtered teeth of whales krill don't stand a chance
and so many speculate it's all just circumstance
At the poles do penguins nest upon the ice
beneath the oceans surface unnamed fish do slice

Everywhere in universe within it's laws do move
meticulous and intricate does creation prove
change the axis of the earth and life would not exist
no missing links have been found and yet the lie persist

The precision of it's interface keeps universe intact
so cohesive is the pattern in every little fact
why is mans reason out of line with the universe
turned his mind away from God just before the curse

To his change the animals haven't been unbind
fear of man and his hand knowing he's not kind
mankind lost respect for law and for himself
focus is on surface and not aware of Satan's stealth

Melodious is the speech of birds outside of our homes
the cacophony of nature with it’s many tones
explosive is the energy if the atoms split
the power to enclose it will so few admit

Mankind's exploration isn't nearly done
infinity a subject for learning yet to come
we've barely scratched the surface of mathematics sum
to it's fascination have so many become numb

To winds and tides of doctrines do so many move
who will ask the questions and arguments so prove
the laws that governs universe are so well defined
but the souls that live on earth are of double mind

God has stretched the heavens with a movement of his hand
futility against his knowledge cannot a man to stand
wisdom she does cry and her voice puts forth
to examine natural things and upon your course

Listen not to instruction upon whose path you err
take away it will the life you hope to share
Life itself is precious do not you throw away
if you follow fallen man away from life you'll stray

The cry of the cricket do you understand
there is speech in everything that lives within the land
do you think a crocodile you will ever tame
and things undiscovered we have yet to name

How little understanding exists within man's mind
to exult himself against God's knowledge is he blind
before Jah's understanding mankind's is so weak
why from another man should you your answers seek

Bow your will before him lift your voice in praise
take in his instruction if want you length of days
Consider what you are and what you may become
in beginning were created just like God's own Son



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