I stare at the ceiling and ponder whats wrong,
I don't really sleep well but when I do its quite long,

Lying in my bed though I find peace of mind,
I guess I'm a person of the habitual kind,

The thoughts of ambition lay dormant in my head,
And the pain and the pleasure that much can't be read,

Many times I have dreams that are weird and surreal,
They must be a reflection of how I truly feel,

I always try to remember them as soon as I awake,
But my thoughts often crumble like a damaged Chocolate flake,

My success in the future could not be any bigger,
If your reading this now and you know me..........go figure!

I awake at 6:30 to a very brisk chill,
Will this be a snow day, can I sledge down the hill?

I rise from my bed and turn on the heating,
My sons beautiful smile can't be matched as a greeting,

Outside the window the ground seems to shimmer,
When will summer return, my hope is a glimmer,

When I step outside my feet start to slip,
I should have worn boots as they do have more grip,

Things do look so beautiful though so all is not lost,
We have just had a visit from good old Jack Frost.....
The one that I have known for years,
The one that shed so many tears,
Her angelic looks and beauty hide,
A painful story hidden inside,
When we were young we made a pact,
I will follow through and that's a fact,
All of our communication was on the net,
But then we met oh I wont forget,
I think beauty comes from strength and soul,
Things are looking up now your on a roll,
It's time to put the past behind,
An inner peace you need to find,
A flower blooms but then it dies,
It blooms again when I see your eyes,
Years pass by we went separate ways,
I hope we are friends for the rest of our day's,
As a parent you remain strong and cheery,
Even when things are dark and dreary,
To never speak to you again would be a crime,
I'm here for you babe,any place,any time.........

©Dave Hill 2014


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