Tell me quiet soul the reasons for your fears
Show me all the dark you carry deep inside
Let me hear the song in your beating heart
Share with me the depths of the tears you have cried

No need to hide your true self away
Or be frightened by the storms might
Let the rain wash free your wounded soul
And then hold it there up to the light

Can you see yourself through my eyes
Do you know your souls true worth
If Iove could find your frozen heart
Would you move all of heaven and earth

Forget the reflection you've been carrying
It's been warped by others that meant only harm
Let me hold you through the darkest nights
In the shelter of my loving arms

Listen there beyond just the words
And feel the light I want so to share
I'm standing right here beside you angel
When you breathe I'll be your air

And if you cannot love yourself just yet
The way that this open heart can
Then let me show you a peace beyond measure
Until your broken soul finally understands

Don't be afraid to feel dear soul
Though you've been hidden for so long
I'm listening for your heartbeat there
And lost in the wonder of your heart's song-JK

Inner Warrior

How many battles have you braved dearest warrior
How many times have you fought for other's peace
Only to find your greatest fight of the heart
Would be to live with this body now diseased

Did you think gentle warrior that all your wars
Would be fought on an earthly plain
Could you ever have imagined the wounds
As your very essence is to live now in pain

You've been an advocate for all that is just
And fought always on the side of victim's rights
But how could you ever prepare for the inner struggle
That haunts you in your shadowed nights

Was it easier to be brave for everyone else
To hold fast to the standard of all that is true
Did you ever believe in your darkest dreams
That you would have to fight just to stay you

When the terror of facing the final breathe
Holds you ever so firmly in it's hypnotic trance
Can you stand strong in the face of courage
Knowing this will be your last star dance

Did you imagine when the illness took you
That the hardest battle you had yet to fight
Was to hold onto the peace you once found
When your wounded soul weeps in the night

Do you ever curse the path you must walk
Or wonder why it must always be the warrior's role
Scream to the heaven's in silent confusion
Cursed to be shattered to the depths of your soul

Can you hold all the broken pieces together there
When you know in the end you are doomed to fail
That you fight a war you cannot hope to win
Knowing this outer shell grows ever more frail

For this is the greatest test dear warrior soul
To fight against the darkness that tries to pull you down
That after every battle raged for the side of peace
Your last stand would be fought on inner ground

Hold tight gentle soldier to all you have gained
The beauty that life has shown you in this world
And know when you dance from this place in the end
You will find peace at last as your destiny is unfurled-JK

Young at Heart

When she was little she could hear the stars sing
And the wind whisper gently through the trees
She believed that every story had a life of its own
She lived each adventure braved the stormy seas

She has been the princess in the iron tower
And the knight that was courageous and strong
She has braved the heat of the dragons lair
Only to find that he too had a beautiful song

She's found friends in the forests denizens
Heard the poetry in the song the birds sing
She has been a lowborn pheasant girl
Who through love finally found her true wings

Though she has grown older with the passing of time
Wears the lines that are memories lasting mark
She's never forgotten the girl she is inside
And she dances there forever young at heart-JK



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