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It was in the evening when Joan was asked to visit his friends to celebrate the Valentine day, and he said that he would like to be there in time. But, it seemed to be so if there was no rain. In some minutes later the telephone rang, and one of his friends, Alex asked him whether he would be ready to go with him for a trip near the lake or not. Joan told him he had an appointment to be with all his friends to a certain place for celebrating the Valentine day and it was the day of greeting and having met with all friends once in a year.

The day seemed to be finding and happy whereas all the youths were very glad to welcome one with another for that day, and Joan was also thanked to his friend, Joule for his invitation besides enjoying drink very much. Most of the guests were dancing and singing. They were laughing together and some of them were talking and chatting.

Barbara was another visitor to be present on that day, she seemed to be a funny and talked a story about ghost she had ever seen in life, and a part of the guests felt very interesting to listen her because of telling the story about the ghost, who had no head and walked around the garden at the back of her house one night, and it was so frighten on that day she said. Joan himself was also feeling afraid of being told that such a story for he never saw that ghost."It is a wonderful story, “He said.

After dancing and singing, all Joan's friends and the guests were sitting down and talking one with another, and Barbara again told her funny story about the same story she told before that made visitors of the Valentine day felt very surprised to listen that how ghost came to the back of her house with no head and walked around and was singing in drizzling night, and it was really making frighten and afraid. Not long after she told the story, the light was put off and it was very dark all of sudden, and all the guests were screaming because the ghost was coming and urging something which was making them frighten. The ghost could really be seen that its feature seemed too bad, and was not as same as the man, and its face was really ugly, and one of them was fainted.

After the light was put on, all of the guests were laughing loudly and Barbara told them that it was not a matter of all since this day was the day of Valentine, especially for making us be happy to welcome and saying "Let God be with us and Happy Valentine day so as to be". Besides, this day was also to keep a good friendship between one with another and saying about 'LOVE'."To love each other is a must as long as the breath is in our body”, Barbara said.

The most important thing is that we should respect each existence being living in this universe for every man or an woman has a right to do while running the lives and should love each other."Even the ghost is also coming down with us to celebrate the valentine day though the ghost is not like our face with different features”, She said. But, this was a happy and love day, which could not be forgotten at all."The ghost seemed to be a very sensitive to listen and see of happened in this world, and it should be believed that the ghost existence was really being existed”, Barbara added in friendly voice.

Having listened all about these, the guests became interested and thought that not only man was being existed in this universe but the ghost also, played a role to dominate the existence of man that sometimes man might be influenced and frightened by ghost. Joan was nodding her head because she was also feeling wonderful of listening that story that was really kept in mind. Joan said that she had a good experience of coming to this place and never forgot that story at all.



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