We started our literary adventure exactly one year back – it was an ambitious project, a bi-lingual literary blog to bring to the readers the combined talents of authors writing in English & in Bengali. The readership of our blog has increased significantly over this year, and we now have readers in different countries all around the globe – authors too. We are grateful to all of you for our continuing success. Our last few numbers were dedicated to special topics. This month we have come back to our roots, in a manner of speaking, concentrating on the role and influence of literature on our lives. The interviews in this issue concentrate on the role of literature in personal lives and on society. We firmly believe that it is important to revisit this fundamental issue.

Our cover story this month by Chryssa Velissariou analyzes in detail the influences of Indian philosophy, art and poetry – from antiquity to modern Greek culture and brings into focus the influence of historical intermingling between two cultures. A lot of scholars in India have studied and written about the contribution of the Greek culture to Indian civilization, and this article is an interesting eye opener to the other side of the story. Our sincere thanks to Chryssa for this excellent contribution.

We are also proud to announce a very special feature in this issue – for the first time since its existence, Songsoptok is publishing an article in a different language. Fabò Kinga, the Hungarian poet and author, analyzes the personality of Sylvia Plath in an essay written in Hungarian. We sincerely hope that our readers in Hungary will enjoy reading the article that is published in the ‘Last Page’ section.

I take this opportunity to reaffirm the main objective of our web magazine, since our readership has increased significantly since we started our journey. The magazine was born out of the conviction that the bold and sincere literature still remains an effective weapon against everything that is evil, unjust, and detrimental to humanity. Our authors are independent thinkers who like us believe in the power of ideas and words to bring about change in any domain, be it political, social, cultural or societal. Our magazine is an instrument of our crusade against everything that is unjust.

I end this editorial by thanking our readers and contributors once again. You have made our journey meaningful. We count on your continued support to make Songsoptok stronger.



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