The years and things we have done,
The connection still remains but is more formal,
The battles we are fighting and have won,
The things we do to try and be normal,

When we sit and talk it’s like we are entwined at the soul,
When the time goes so fast that hours seem to fly past,
When I always say I respect you and know my role,
When I tell you I'm here for you forever it will last,

The look that you give me makes me see past your outer shell,
The way you make me feel no one else has ever compared,
The things people don't realize about the old days and our living hell,
The problems that we have are halved and shared...

© Dave Hill 2015
In that dream I saw you, you were back familiar and near,
It made me feel amazing to know that you were here,

You didn't seem yourself though you seemed upset and sad,
You were almost trying to tell me you miss me, David and Dad,

This has torn away at my emotional flesh like a rusty blade,
So much shit running through my mind, the choices I have made,

Perhaps I was feeling a little too good and it is still quite soon,
I'm NOT fucking giving up Mom my limit is the moon,

If I'm not making someone else's life better then from now on I'm wasting time,
How god can steal someone like you away is such a crime.

I'm crying to keep going now as I'm already hurt with pain,
I cannot remove you, in my subconscious it's there you will remain,

It's easing off now and I'm starting to feel loads better,
I'm just an emotional postman and this here is my letter,

This is going to heal now as I've just put on a plaster,
I'm living life now Mom and my emotions I will master

© Dave Hill 2014
A spark busts out from a dying heart,
Love that lasts but only at the start,
Suffocated by loneliness and rage,
Things should get better not worse with age,
Living like a dead spirit amongst ungrateful souls,
Not fitting in or trading places but knowing roles,
The form of protection offered is respect,
In this world though what does a man expect,
Evil people dwell and are not told or judged,
Good people exist only in fiction..........


© Dave Hill 2014


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