I long to see you       become forever well

filled with life and happiness  that from which we fell

I love you for the character               things in you I see

the unpolished gems you contain    your inner quality

I see your desire          and searching to be loved

your tenderness to the prison   there what you dream of

I’ve considered the places       where your mind does dwell

the heights you have aspired       but far from them fell

I see into your inner core    not just upon your face

the mind residing in you    that your soul encase

I love that you know      you can count me a friend

and your confidences           I’ll keep until our end

I know those places      where the hurting went

with childhood abuses         were treated with contempt

I know how criticism         did with anguish fill

and how the remains        are in there living still

I have seen you alone     crying in the night

with no one there       to say it will be alright

you put on a brave front     as we all display

but despair rides your soul     each and every day

And there did I see  beauty    that lives you within

the part you have protected                 from violence of men

from the words and deeds      from their actions cruel

dispensed by those ignorant           the unthinking fool

But I am only human          can only see a little part

the results of mankind’s thoughtlessness                 effects upon your heart

so little comfort can I impart             that effectively touches you

until the Son of God                  his love on earth will do

Just know you will always   be within my thought

though not here present               you’re in my mind allot

I’ll look forward till next I see you       and look upon your face

wrap my arms around you     hold you in my embrace

Know that your sorrow         Gods intends desist

through the only Kingdom         these governments resist

those who hurt others       will become restrained

until the hearts of men                                can become retrained

These are the promises   that through God will come

that which resides in heaven        his will on earth be done

and not another soul   will ever hurt your heart

for Gods promise is             that Love          will never you depart


I have no desire to hear        the worlds words

rather would I            the chirping of birds

to hear the clapping           of leaves in the breeze

whirring of hummingbirds     wings of the bees

Or the babbling           sounds of the brook

the rumbling of earth          when its being shook

the patter upon        my   roof                of the rain

the sounds of the city         care I to abstain

I love the plunging             of waves upon rocks

detest the noise          of the ticking of clocks

road blare of wheels          upon tar and cement

or clamor of crowds         who attend an event

The racket of what           some people call song

which clashing smashing              banging belong

but the voices of wolves      howling by moon

or soulful longing                  in notes of the loon

the rustle and whisper            of wind in the wheat

tender the note              of a newborn lambs bleat

expressions of nature        when its in play

I want to hear                 what the animals say

The laughter of children          learning a game

squawks of chickens   and sheep that are tame

the wail of wind           through a window crack

splitting of thunder         lighting nights black

The chill on the spine          from a low growl

so quiet you can hear                the drop of a towel

music that lifts           the breath of ones soul

the crackle of ice                which freezes a pole

the echoes in canyons          when you give a call

snapping of trees        when in a storm fall

the rustle and flush          the dog and the pheasant

their decent upon          my ears                 very pleasant

I want to hear    the sounds of Gods garden

when the trial is over                I’ve got a full pardon

the voices of those             whose hearts that I love

when I hear these                its you I think of

These are the things        that to my heart speak

sounds of the  newborn     pats of baby feet

take me away             from Babylon’s din

the screeching and static                created by men


Your face is ever before me
like a painting etched in sky
as the dusk of dawn approaches
still seeking the reasons why

I would set upon your head a crown
before you would I bow
with affection would I clothe you
if knew I only how

Every sight of you is pleasure
your voice to me a song
every feeling within that’s stored up
to be empty of it wrong

Never have eyes seen so much
stored in a well of man
fought have I with resistance
It’s course for me unplanned

The mountains into the valley slide
the path of which you spake
to empty there every river
like the fig in wind does shake

My ear has heard its calling
like angels in the wind
the words of a heart falling
to reason its amend

Every note has played its key
upon us did aria descend
the chords of exultation
a song can none pretend

Every key has its own note
every scale its own cry
every sound of truth you hear
will every lie defy

You are my beloved ones
none can you replace
in every place I seek you
to have my eyes upon your face

C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC


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