Here at the end where twilight overtakes the sky
I consider all the moments that made up my story
As I watch the stars burn out and fall from grace
I am overwhelmed by their infinite glory

Soon my song too will join them in the fire
As this chapter in my existence finds completion
I will let go of the ties that bind me to this earthly plane
As I join the cosmic dance in endless celebration

Remember this time we've had together fondly
When you dream of me let it be always in dance
Hold to the joy I've found in all that I've loved
Know in the end I found the strength to take a chance

Though I am sometimes bound in fear untold
I understand now the heavy hand of fate
But I wouldn't trade even a single breathe
Of this dance love helped me to create

When you miss me know I am never far
That I will always be a part of all that you are
Then listen for my song amidst the silence
As I wander in wonder thru the heart of fallen stars-JK


My halo is tarnished my wings are on wrong
I dance to the beat of a different song
I see beauty in nature's perfect art
I will forever be an angel wild at heart

I don't conform to any of the average norms
Find my joy in the uniquest of forms
I sing a song only the stars can hear
Sometimes I fall into darkness and fear

But I am learning to love me for all that I can be
Wouldn't trade even a moment on this path of destiny
I am silly and laugh at the goofiest moments
Like a lil girl I see beauty in raindrops heaven sent

I love with a passion that burns a deep crimson
Living for those I love has ever been my mission
But when I show you the inner depths of me
You will fall forever into these eyes that truly see

I'm sometimes a mess with no destination
But I know I am a piece of infinite creation
I dream in beauty and dance on the wind
Touch my heart you'll never be the same again

Can you imagine me wrapped around you at night
Will you be always the steadfast heart of my knight
Can you love this angel with all her imperfections
Accept the glory of a love without limitations-JK


She smiled when she saw how nervous he seemed
She felt her heart fill with a joy until now restrained
This brave knight who had withstood so many wars
His hands shook just a little as he quietly spoke her name

Dear maiden I know not where to begin I'm afraid
I have been enchanted by the beauty in your heart
I know not the words to share the way that I feel
On the nights that we are forced to be a world apart

No journey I have ever taken no battle in glory waged
Nor the adventure that comes from wandering foreign lands
Hath prepared me on how to keep my knees from feeling weak
From the moment that I find my heart in your hands

She replied never fear you shine more to me than the stars
And if you can see the truth written in these eyes you behold
Your words are now the very air that my lips long to breathe
I too feared to admit the truth that you are the keeper of my soul

I am just as overwhelmed as you when you hold me close
And I too knew not how to find the words beyond my fear
But together we are strong enough to take on the world
Our journey hath only just begun for eternity will find us here -JK



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