The year 1879 was blessed with
The miracle of the birth of
Albert Einstein,the great scientist,
Who shook the world with his
Special relativity theory ,with seven
Dynamic points ;
All movements are with relativity ,
There is a base for every movement.
Light year only is permanent and general.
The speed of light is the fastest.
The matter of a substance increases
As per the speed at which it moves.
Energy and matter is the same.
There is no space free from matter.
Time and matter is related with each other.
His observations led the world to the
Knowledge of traveling to the galaxy
From the earth is in only 20 years.
Also he found,the speed of light within
A vacuum is the same,
No matter the speed at which
An observer travels.
Indira Sadanandan
11/28, 9:50pm
Indira Sadanandan


We wake up in the morning
Having breakfast
Lunch and dinner
Going to bed at night to sleep
Repeating this process until death
In between this repetition
We are assigned to do
A lot of things.
It is of whose wish we are doing
All these?
Who makes us speak
Who orders our ears and
Eyes to work ?
The one who understands that
Ears of some hearing,
Intellect of some mind,
The vital breath of life breath are
Given by an unseen power
Enters into immortality.
Indira Sadanandan
11/28, 9:50pm
Indira Sadanandan


What colours are there
All around me ?
In the morning,gold with
Purple and red ,
In the noon all
Sandal and white,
Evening hot red , dark and yellow.
I get all these in a day.
The sun is behind all these.
Being afraid of something behind
Is the sun rises every day.
This fear of the sun becomes
The reason for me to see
So many colours in a day.
Like that the wind blows
Like that the fire burns,
The light and the death also move
In fear of that unseen.


Cecil Rhodes lived in the 19th century
A British politician and business magnet
Alleged to have donated,not only
Huge amounts but leaderships also for the
British in their attempt to conquer and bring
Africa under their control and thus
Expanded his own domain.
It is said that he had cut the hands of those
Who have opposed colonization and it was he
Who had entrusted 'Rhode's Scholarship' of
The of Oxford university.
Even those who oppose colonization also do
Accept this scholarship,that it is valued more
Than the status of our Civil Service.
Now the African Cape Town University students
Have demolished Rhode's statue from their
Campus and in their attempt,they have also
Raised the need to demolish this statue from
Oriel College of Oxford,which was strongly
defended by the authority,say, not to support
Colonization but not to discard the huge
Funds sourced from Rhode's family.
It is accused the Oxford university being
'Institutionally racists'
The opponents began a movement called
"Rhodes must fall'',for publishing for
The statue's removal.



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