She was born on a hot summer day back home.
Not looking like either of her parent's she was
left alongside the road, thrown out the window.

Well Madeline was an old bag lady. She had
lived through so many horror's in her past
but to this day, she was alive and kicking.

Madeline was walking down the country
road, leading her burro with her right

Underneath the milkweed she thought
she saw some movement. Whispering
to Sally the burro she says, "by golly,
what have we here?"

Bending down by the weed, she pushed
it aside gently and seen two eyes staring
back at her.

"Meow" said the scared little critter. She had
the goofiest of faces but her meow although
weak was soft as silk.

Grabbing the heap of fur and bones, she
picked up the critter, putting her underneath
her jacket as she headed back to Sally.

As she neared her old cabin, ole Trusty, the
three legged dog came hobbling over to her
as fast as a three legged dog could.

Woof" said old Trusty as he welcomed the
comely trio. After putting Sally away, Madeline
went into her cabin.

Looking in her cracked mirror she looked
at her wrinkly image. She never claimed to
be a beauty queen but she had a heart
of gold.

Taking her jacket off, her hump seemed
to be getting bigger and harder but
straightening herself up, she had 3 other
lives in addition to hers that she needed
to care for.

Grabbing the old soup bone out of her stew,
she threw some carrots and potatoes in
and turned to the new critter.

She was an odd looking little lady but Madeline
decided to name her Lucky. She was another
warm heart beat who had been tossed aside.

Another one of this Earth's great little critters
who had been abandoned. Sitting down to
her stew, the old lady shook her head.

She swiped at her eye's but the tears trickled
through, down her ruddy cheeks and on to
the head of the little fur ball in her lap.

Well at least they all had each other, Trusty,
her loyal friend who she had saved from a
sewer. Sally the Burro, who she saved from
being shot, the carrying work had taken its
toll on her.

She had been beaten and thrown away
by a family who could not see past her
ugliness, to the beautiful heart inside
her chest.

And now her family was complete. She
had decided to call the critter Lucky.
It was luck that brought this clan
together. They would all live out their
days together.

A unique bond from an unusual bunch.
Now this is love.



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