Lunas' Luck.

Inspired by Elisa De  Eap

Some have enough luck
to fill a truck,
others so little...
it wouldn't fill a thimble
Some speak of, 'the luck of the draw,'
where I see, only chance rather than any luck, at all
Some speak of a 'lucky day,'
is that the one, where karma, doesn't get in the way
Is luck something we make
or only fake
Is it something we're given or hope to receive
or is it something... not to believe
Not something you can see or even touch...
some don't have any, yet others... too much
What is this elusive notion,
we all wish to bottle, like a potion
Maybe today, isn't my lucky day
or I wouldn't be spouting, this way
It's definitely not something on which to rely,
have it or not we all, still have to try
Maybe it's in the way we live our life
that denotes, if we feel luck... or only strife.


A chance and time…could, possibly… rejuvenate this life of mine                               
I look around….you’re never there, only leaving me…anxiously aware
I first, intend no harm and not to effect, “free-will”
Doesn’t seem to matter…to those, who only stomp, my heart at their will
The world, we live in is such a disturbing place, with too few concerned, with another…, “saving face”
This is not how I choose to live…so the world only continues to take…all I have to give
Leaving me only…. a shell of a man, unable to fit any one, “master plan”…, which will be if is to be…alone, a soul… for no one to see
Knowing if I only had the chance and time, I may be able to rejuvenate…this life of mine
But in lieu of what others only choose not to give…a solitary life, I must continue to live
Though if given the time and a chance to see…
   No telling what others, may find in me.

A form of my own witness protection, which I will use for my own, genuine reflection
 Trifled with me, as you thought you could do...is just one of many things... you only misconstrue
 I can be the bane of your primordial existence, rape you with intellect, for which,.. you have no resistance
 I could show you things... that would make you curse your own mother, once you've shown me... I am NOT your brother
 Realities, many fear to ponder, keep me company... in the many minds, I wander...
 We all toll, the price we are to pay... by giving, only, who we are or choosing instead. .. to only... take away
 We live, we breathe, we procreate, eat, sleep, crap and die ...none of us were meant to question or ponder why...
 We are only to know, we are all meant to live, knowing only that time is really all we have to give
 Time to think... if we really try,
 knowing only that... too soon
 ... we all must die.



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