Twisted dreams of cruelties dark ethereal embrace
Caused this wounded souls heart to fall into disgrace
Wicked words spun through chaotic emotional storms
Forever questioning the purpose for which she was born

Too long left dancing underneath these stars alone
Leaving her bereft of the dream of ever feeling at home
Fiercely independent now she stands clad in her convictions
Once a measure of peace these walls become her restrictions

So adept at displaying simple pieces of her careworn heart
A gypsy soul without true love she stands in the shadows apart
What manner of knight will face the battle to win her hand
What soldier of fortune dare to cross this desolate wasteland

What vestige of courage will suffice to render these battlements
A castle stronghold built sturdy enough to stop her descent
What manner of love is brave enough to blind her with it's light
What treasure would be gained in truth by heaven's truest knight


How weary she has become of false knights and fake princes
Who only see her for the illusion of perfection they desire
Only to have her truth fail to be enough in the balance
To forever walk this solitary path an empty soul afire

Tired of dancing to the tune of imagery and dreams
Unable to be more than just the woman she is inside
Near to giving up on ever showing her inner truths
Left ever in shadow where only the ghosts reside

Wondering why she tries to step out from behind the mask
Unable to stand the falseness of a life played out on stage
She cannot but be true to the beauty she holds within
Cares not if the world ever bothers to look past the image

Send her hope and help her remember why she tries
Don't let a soul so wonderous and unique give up the fight
Pray show her that the stars hold her there in heaven's grace
Help her always see her reflection in their eternal cosmic light


Would you understand if she admitted that she is torn
Between the gift of wisdom and the heart of humanity
There are times when she hears the stars sing for her
Feels the cosmic connection of past present and future

Then other times the human side of her loses sight
Has to remind itself to stand forever true to the light
Feeling too much she is eternally at war deep inside
Wanting to be open but so adept at knowing how to hide

In precious moments she sees everything so clear
Knows this place and time to be but illusion here
Knows her soul is complete and revels in its beauty
Can grasp the wonder of existence in its enormity

Other times she is still a little girl forever lost in the dark
Not sure of where she's bound and fear owns her heart
Listens to the whispering of the anxiety she has always known
Finds her wings to be far to broken to ever leave the ground

Don't give up on her angel she has come so far at last
Is learning to let go of the shadows of her haunted past
Keeps her eyes ever looking up to the glory of heaven's light
Sings her song without allowing doubts to own her at night

One day she will rise forever above the illusions that bind
Take hold the wonder of her soul and leave this world behind
Finally know the peace of enlightenment she longs so to wear
Her wings fully open will carry her away to where only angels dare



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