Cubic Words

There are hues of
blue embracing those of red
to vibrate in harmony.
There is a sense
of their movement above
the limits.
There is ceaselessly a feeling in the sense.
The feelings can be objects.

Conceivably, the things have a beginning,
because we believe it,
and maybe
there is neither beginning nor end.

In the spring rain,
there are kissing statues.
In the lulled lodgings
emblazoned with
shadows of shabby objects
on the walls,
there are lonely people
meditating about their life.
There is a measure of vulnerability
For everything that is good

and for the starving birds
in searching for seeds everywhere
as for those cancerous youngsters
having unimaginable pains,
still yearning to be cured not till experience.
In the coverings,
there are riders of the history
dressed in armor
to enter the mind's imagination and
all that is not the mind's imagination.

In the spring nights,
there is a moon becoming a curtain
for the great vaudeville
of the stars

formed from the other stars,
no two alike,
and being

like charming women
wearing masks and
wide necklines, nor
like those ballerinas that like to costume
in lactate white to suggest
dandelions dancing to spread their seeds.

In the luxury shop windows,
there are gems looking like flowers
and flowers looking like gems.

In the Sisyphus dimension,
there are tired eyelids in abeyance.
Nothing bends from above, everything falls down.

There are emerald northern lights.

In a puddle of sun,
There are emerald green, tattooed bodies
Dancing tango.

There are cubic dragons,
and there are things that have been taken apart
to be put, then, back together in a wrong order.

So, there is self-loathing,
and there are feelings of worthlessness
in a life spent earning filthy lucre.
There are resentments to destroy the lives.
There are the wrong things that fall apart and
the wrong things that fall together with those that are right.
There are words coming out in a wrong comprehension
to be incorporated into bad memories.
There are wrongly imagined riders of the history.
Uprising dove feather and prying eyes
get at the meaning of the truths in the uprights (there are many
truths left).

But there will never be...

Blue trees
And eternal corpses.


Firstly, it is a game
to sell hopes and dreams;
Here, you can make a new
logical investment choice
when all your ideas become
rendered obsolete, or
you can use the superstition
for any uncertainty you have.
You will never find it if you need
more logic than luck to win.
Anyway, you must have a lot of luck on your side.

In some ways, reading daily
your astrology lottery horoscope helps you
get as many strategies
as you want, but none of them
shows you  the greatest secret.
Fortunately, in a few situations,
you can really open your Psychic Eye.

Much more than this,
everyone comes to play
in order to have a chance of winning,
but only one remains
to take part
in all of this excitement.

Maybe it's a little bit crazy,
but it is always funny
and there is no other choice
but to be a part of it.

By the way,
you have a great opportunity
to spend time thinking
when a lot of numbers don't pop up
in your mind.
Sometimes, they jump in your dreams!
Imagine the dream that you can win
and buy your own private island!

If you lose, you will have a
promotional second-chance!

At least, you are able to understand
the reason why
no one can answer this question,
'Why do so many lottery
winners wind up broke?'



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