Oh , servant of God          hear my voice

my purchase price      was to set you free

it was to you       I gave the choice

that you would know                     true liberty

Justice has cried out         in the roadways

she has made known her law            in the court

even mine own servant    the one familiar

has used it          like a weapon for sport

I have made known its reason           before you

but for gain          has plied it with lies

the weak and the small         have had no defense

and a bribe                  makes a fool of the wise

I would never            have left you

but in my precepts       you did not stay

you ignored           all my instruction

and the law of mercy        threw away

I watched your actions     in my temple

your disdain                    you did not hide

my comfort         and my loving kindness

you held back    from those who cried

I gave you the finest teachers

and the master example I set

I charged you to care          for my household

but your own debt      you did forget

So large a debt             I forgave you

when you cried to me          to acquit

but those who owed you even less

you declared their         own lives forfeit

You have defiled my uprightness

my judgments    equity you have brought shame

you have polluted              my holy temple

abused my reputation              and my name

The whole body              is sick with infection

it is the bread of sorrow you eat

to the house          I come for inspection

and see how                 my lambs you do treat

Nothing can you hide in secret

every action             before me is known

from the oppressors        I will deliver

I am the Judge      and the Chief corner stone

Matthew Chapters 23 and 24

COPYRIGHT © 2011 C. Michael Miller

via Duboff Law Group LLC


Oh vain man who casts his will

do not you know that all plans laid

with hope to control the flow of spill

molded the breath who universe has made

Know you not that time and chance

the one who has formed your clay

can be changed upon his glance

has allowed you to have your way

Bright hope is man with Plan

and like scroll his plan is written down

but He can spoil what thinks in hand

and take away thy hoped for crown

One hopes for toil to earn it's pay

with justice the scales to be fair

but grasping men seem to get their way

and have penciled more than is their share

In a book so written by a king

the vanity of man within is written down

in thought did he examine everything

and for all the resting place is ground

That to undertake a task you do with soul

and take joy within the charms of wife

to keep his law with heart thats whole

for this the vanity of your life


COPYRIGHT © 2010  C. Michael Miller

via Duboff Law Group LLC



Your heart my Love

worth more than a thousand mines of gold

they could never purchase

the purest standards from times of old

there is such beauty

in songs where justice does prevail

where the stories told

those causes the judges never fail

in whom the welfare

of mankind's oppression's are overcome

and your pursuit of

them can so never be outdone

it is there I rest

in the meditations of your mind

songs of clarity

in which ones destiny has not been blind

and there put you forth

a call that others would you join

and fey despise

those who would virtue to purloin

in whose faultlessness

draws forth the throng and multitude

that we all might see

in us like innocence therein exude

so alas I thought

to reach this is the striving's of the mad

out of grasps reach

to imitate this pattern might be had

but it is your gift

and the power of its spirit we display

wherein are abled

we to walk its path in every way

there we to approach

a mighty throne built of just and true

and learn these statutes

and everyday enact them what we do

where we are drawn

unto a model whose display is without equal

and to pass it on

to others its perfections are the sequel

sources :Gospels about the Christ

COPYRIGHT © 2011 C. Michael Miller

via Duboff Law Group LLC



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