Love to love all three

Luck Lottery Lust. Love to love all three. Can the three be entwined together like the branches of a climber. Maybe or maybe not. One of the many delights of writing is the Luck to have the passion for giving wings to ones thoughts, to have grit to win the Lottery of words and the Lust to set it free in the wide horizon,  So what will follow is nothing but the rambling of a naive mind till it runs out of luck, lottery and lust !

Luck, perhaps is predecessor to even hard work. From our birth to grave more credit or discredit is given to luck than anything else. You get a son or daughter by the X or Y chromosomes, but has one ever heard the chromosomes getting any credit? It is sheer luck. All through life one can go to the best school, best college, best job, burn the midnight oil, and then smilingly luck walks in and bows out with all the credit. Bad luck on the other hand does not seek credit but comes nonetheless. Bad luck creeps in like a robber and snatches away all you have. It is fortitude which steps forward to hold our hand to survive the tidal waves of bad luck. Even in death we are either lucky or unlucky, the departing soul wants to whisper that it did work hard in its life time, but no , there is a cacophony  around the grave too, about  how lucky / unlucky was the person in this last exit. The amulets, the lucky charms, the precious stones, all wrapped gently with the good luck wish, is that gift of faith which most embrace willingly, no questions asked. Luck always lives on the periphery of lottery to be good or bad, tempestuous lust too lusts for luck.

Lottery is a trickster. Lottery is a game of chance, of the ifs and buts. Lust for the opulence pushes lottery to take reckless leaps, not before it stretches one hand for luck to come by and grip the hand. Lottery is not a game for the coward, miser or wise. The coward fears to lose, the miser hates to lose, the wise calculates probability. It is not easy to put on stake what one has in want of what one desires. Lottery is for the dreamer, the brave heart. Lottery is the dreamer’s faith in the optimism of fate. Lottery is the brave hearts gamble to lose what he has, knowing it may never come back. And when rewarded lottery can take life to the zenith of fame and glory. The four walls of my room gives me the comfort and complacency of a well lived life. Till the lure of lottery forces me to take chances, to step out and live life once again. If I don't  get what I stepped out for I just have to make the walk a little longer. This to me is lottery in my own definition. Lottery is arrogantly foolish. Lottery can make and break only with luck as its ally.

Lust is primordial in humans. The question plaguing me is how to categorize lust, as an emotion or feeling? Love is easier to understand, comfortable to talk about, can be placed on a pedestal, can be ranged from emotional, physical; platonic to spiritual .Lust on the other hand is bold, demanding, and not easy to conquer. Lust will not get a pedestal easy. Yet without the lust for life not much can be achieved. Lust can be as mundane as, for the branded time on our wrist, the designer bag, the labelled shoe, the luxury automobile, to exotic holidays in palatial homes. Lust can be found in the dark allies of the mid night city, in the hungry humans unsatiated hunger. But here lust is lonely, shabby, one dimensional. Throw the focus light on lust, it looks for cover immediately. Lust needs to win the Lottery of legitimacy and seek the day light with Luck. Yet lust has to be trained, controlled and taught to decipher the marginal difference between the shimmer of gold and sand. Lust driven by passion, ambition and determination can reward man with all the bounties of life. Lust in broad day light, lust under the scorching son, lust for glory, lust for fame, lust for a life worth emulating.

Luck Lottery Lust. Love to love all three. The three certainly entwine beautifully in the climber called life. A little different from the worlds well laid paver blocks, the road of luck lottery lust is still a road indeed. The strength to swim against the tide comes from a crazy desire to hold on to your own ideals, they may be radical or very ordinary but one should believe in them. My Lust for life will make me play the game of Lottery all over again, and Lady Luck please keep smiling on me forever.




  1. Great post Sangeeta! Please keep writing :)

  2. Hope to see many more articles from you

  3. Hope to see many more articles from you


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