May something good happen to you
- something  you didn't plan to do:
Something that you didn't count on,
that may make your sad face be gone,
turn it into a smiling face
that will finally keep its place

I hope, you are prepared for each test,
so that even if it's not turning out to be the best,
you will still be prepared enough
for a result that's really rough:
You shouldn't base your life on sand
- remember that your luck is in your own hand

Just few things happen randomly,
without us being able to foresee,
so don't waste your money on the lottery
- rather invest it wisely:
Your chances to win are way to low
so better spend it on what you already know

I don't believe in this kind of game,
but if I wasted money on this I'd be to blame
I believe that happiness is based on things of a different kind:
To me, lucky is who has found balance of the heart and mind
Really lucky is only someone who some day
has found their true love in one or the other way


I don't play the lottery
'cause the money it costs appears wasted to me
the chances to win are way to low
so I rather would let it work for me - even if slow

I'd put it on a bank just in case
I may need it some later day
when I find myself in a different place
maybe it may be not so far away

I rather see reality
just the way it appears to me
so I know the place that I start
so I have a chance to be lead on by my heart

there are little steps I take
walking into the direction I think is right
with every little decision I make
I try to find my way into the light

I want to make the best of it
just here and there, just a little bit
spend time with my friends and family
so we all have more time to be really happy

because real happiness is coming from inside
it is there with everything you get to do
happiness is not in money, neither is it in pride
you'll feel happiness when there is love inside of you


If you really love someone,
it can be you want much more:
Out of a sudden the control you usually have seems gone,
so that their touch is all you're yearning for

This is the way that it is right,
the way that this is meant to be
- if you really love it can be a beautiful flight,
if really both of you agree

It is part of what you share,
part of the way you get to feel:
More important is the way you care,
but it makes your feelings become more real

If you want to go this way,
you should make sure it's out of love,
because you might regret it someday,
if it's just the act you're thinking of

For the hormones in us are strong,
strong enough to take control:
It's hard to decide to whom we really belong,
so it's important that love plays the more important role

Being with them should be more important than this,
if the feeling's true, more intimacy can be a bliss
- but if you wait, there's not so much you miss:
Make sure it's out of love, because you'd enjoy each single kiss



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