The sixth of February is the date as being declared to be the International Day of the sexual skin cutting among the women in most parts of the countries in the world. Unicef  has brought in the stunning account of this  as  20 crores of girls including women are subjected to this practice of transgression against womanhood. Out of this 4.4 crores of girls are those who are below the age of 4 years.

Unicef has dealt with this matter in connection with the international day aiming to move against sexual skin cutting in Somalia ,Guinia , Jibutty and so on are in large numbers. A lot of girls  before the age of five are subjected to sexual skin cutting. It has been declared by the Unicef that it is a gruesome violation of childrens’ rights.

It was last  year in November that this act against women was prohibited in Gambia. Gambian president Yahya Jameh has confessed that 70 %  of Gambian women were become prey for this. It is in Nigeria that  the majority of women are brought to be prey for this cruelty. More than one and  half  a crores of women in Nigeria are suffering from this disaster. But in November last year  it was banned there by law. The United Nations Organisation  aims at bringing an end to this barbarian act of making women the prey of this superstitious improper practice within the Year 2030 .

All the Nations allied with the United Nations’  had recognized this policy and programme  of this transgression against womanhood. The United Nations’ president Mr. Ban ki- Moon has come forward and expressed all his support and he requested to all the countries to unite with the Movement to fight against this cruelty. He added that one of his principal efforts is to curb globally the activities and attacks against women and Girl children. He expressed all his support  against this ill practice. Also he reminded    to take drastic action against those who commit Civil Disobedience  to the laws related to this.



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