Practicing  love  words…
                       AND OTHER POEMS

Practicing  love  words…

...I could build new worlds
I am so in love
I could be the rain penetrating steel surfaces
I am so in love
I could be the silence floating over a smoking volcano
I am so in love
I could melt myself like a candle
I am so in love
my mouth has no words
my dried out tongue faints to pronounce them
please stare into my feverish eyes
feed yourself with the lava
that my love is...
I am so in love...I could not be alive anymore

Unwanted shore

The moon spins around wearing the same impenetrable smile
Our life spins around the sun's shadow on the moon's forehead

This sand under my feet torched thousands of years by the sun's flame
is sticky and humid
It makes me feel unwanted on this night full shore
Cold and breezy I start to dance
The savage rhythms are boiling my blood
No witnesses but the impassible globe of the moon
mocking my foolish attempt to break the gravity laws
Unwanted but still under her spell I kneel
dressing my body with the icy cover of sand
only to hide my face of that light like a blade
slicing my will crumb by crumb

The “slide word”

Your masque is your smile
I keep repeating the "slide" word
as I fall under your spell
your magic works on me smoothly
I can feel it under my skin,
in the dagger that splits
my chest every dawn
I cling myself with every teeth that I own
of my reality shreds
waking up more and more confused
like the walls are laughing to my torment...
I spill the coffee on my new dress

I  deny you the right to enslave my whole world!
The spell must be broken!
The masque must be melted!

Now that the  panic attack have passed
Do I really want to open my eyes?!  


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