"Homecoming Filipina ~ acquitted in Japan"

     The jet engines hummed as passengers sat and locked their seatbelts. Stella watched each one lie comfortably, as she held the broadsheet on her lap with the banner story glaring before her eyes.

"It is finally confirmed that the Filipina GRO, Stella Mariz will be arriving in the Philippines this afternoon."

     It was a grueling year. Stella thought about the days she spent in the pristine prison. Everyone has been kind, although, she cannot understand what they were saying. She smiled as she remembers their curious bath time procedures, the strange but delicious meals, the kind lady trying to teach her origami. It would have been like a vacation for a rich man, if not for the horrible court sessions.

"It was proven beyond reasonable doubt that Miss Mariz struck to death the Billionaire Hiro Ono out of self defense."

     It was a small room with just a mattress, a small table with a beautiful lamp and a door leading to a Western type lavatory. The sound of the door unlocking and entrance of the huge drunk Japanese man shocked Stella. She tried to back off screaming ' Iie! Dame! ' (No! Bad!), but the man grabbed her, slapped her hard, and tore her dress. Stella fought with all her strength but felt herself weakening. The man slammed her to the table and pulled her undies down. One hand pushed her head down, her nose and mouth pressed hard on the table. Struggling, Stella felt her hand grasp a hard object. The lampshade! She gripped the lamp, then everything went black.

"Also confirmed is the apprehension and incarceration of the owner of club where Ms Mariz used to work, along with his staff, who were proven to be involved in white slavery. "

    The jeers, leers, unwanted touching of her private parts, face slapping and knuckles at her stomach every time she complains it is not part of her job. What happened to the days she spent at the studio in Manila?

Hours of painful stretching, memorizing dance steps and practicing how to sign the name in a passport bearing her picture, with information belonging to someone else?

"Our interests are caught by the peculiarity in the life of Miss Mariz. We can recall that fifteen years back, it was then her mother, Ana Mariz, who was on the news as a rape victim in Japan. She went to Japan as a dancer for her son, then confined at a hospital in a critical condition. Also of the grandmother of Miss Stella, a 'comfort woman' during World War Two. Ana Mariz is the product of those horrifying years."

     Mom! Stella remembers how her mother cried and begged her not to go then. Thin,  full of bruises and scars from the beatings she took from her husband and son. Stella never  understood why her mother suffered so much silently and would not escape with her then. She still does not understand.

"Now it is Stella who went to Japan for her brother, who is again in a hospital and for her stepfather currently in prison for murder"

     Brother, knifed down for trying to pull a fast one in a gambling den! Dad, his blind love and support for his spoiled son, finally reached the pinnacle of his obsessive violence. Stella remembers the abuses too well. Physically, mentally, emotionally they hurt her unceasingly. She wondered then, now she knows but cannot find in her heart to forgive them. Stella doubts if she ever will.

"Recently, we learned that the biological father of Miss Mariz has been released from prison a few years ago. He was the one who paid the lawyers who defended Miss Mariz, even though the father and daughter have yet to meet. The question now is who would Stella Mariz choose? The repentant biological father, or the rumored abusive father still in prison? "

Ken Mori. The lawyers have informed her about his wish to meet her in person. Stella is confused. She longs for a father so much but what does she know about him, except that her father raped her mother and was the cause for all their pains.

Tears flow down silently on her cheeks. Try as she wish to, she cannot stop them, and succumbed to bouts of weeping. She felt herself pulled and hugged by Miss Maria, the representative of Women's Right Alliance.
" Everything will be alright, Stella. The chain is broken."


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