Bernard Owor.


                       and other poems. 

It is truly most precious and of the essence
All living and nonliving things succumb to its presence
All matter is graced with its ancient ambience
There is no civilization that can boast of its absence
The absence of……….. Time the supreme phantom
 As to the ages long past, age of iron, age of stone
And all the days the sun, moon and stars have shone
Before we were born and after we are gone
The whole world is just but a spec in its zone
The zone of …………..Time the supreme phantom
 Its powerful hands has made mankind its slave
From the moment of birth till man is put in his grave
Men of wisdom, men of arts, men of swords mighty and brave
Men of crown, men of beauty all swept off by its wave
The wave of ………….Time the supreme phantom
 It cares not for wealth, for power, for title or stature
It bends not to will, strength or wits! It has no aperture
Its hasn’t a shape nor form, no feel and no texture
It exists with no body, no mass and that is its nature
The nature of………….Time the supreme phantom
 It does not choose sides of whose right or wrong
Tic tock! Tic tock! It compels us all to move along
To pace to its rhythm, all day, every day and for as long
As our bodies draw breath we must dance to its song
The song of………………Time the supreme phantom
 To wallow in the past and in regret is like throwing your life away
Fight to conquer your present and your future by living life your way
Focus in being a better person and seeing a better tomorrow! from that never sway
Make each moment count, make your life matter, and make use of your stay
The stay of your………..Time the supreme phantom
When it passes then it’s done, you can’t make an amend
You can’t rush it, you can’t slow it, you can’t make it suspend
So live your life to the fullest! For life is a short period to spend
Fill it with love, happiness, sweet memories and adventure till the end
The end of your………..Time the supreme phantom

It is second to nature for us to weave social ties and socially interact
At times we wrong people and people wrong us, its normal in fact
Many times we get hurt by the people we love and trust, a double impact
That infringes us with pained emotions that take the longest time to retract
The best way to restore inner peace is in an act that might seem to be abstract
The act of forgiveness
When a spouse breaks a solemn matrimonial vow or any other life pact
The pain can be so bad and at times can lead people to commit a criminal act
Like murder most foul or other evils and suicidal thoughts become easy to enact
Tit for tat is said to be a fair game but it’s the worst way for one to counteract
The only way to overcome such anguish with our virtues and conscious still intact
Is in the act of forgiveness
What matters the most is how we respond to such blows, how we choose to react
When feelings of utmost devastation sets upon our hearts they’re so hard to extract
They always seem to compound instead of shrinking or becoming compact
Such feelings defile the mind, body and soul and are often impossible distract
In order for us to be able to control the vile urges such feelings come to attract
Is in the act of forgiveness
Betrayal often destroys within a moment what took so much time to construct
When our lives or hearts get broken into so many little pieces make it hard to reconstruct
The hurt feels like a burning so deep inside that clouds our judgment on the actions our brains instruct
Harboring hate, resentment and seeking vengeance is one way to self-destruct
The perfect solution to get our act together and move on is being able to induct
The act of forgiveness
Clinging on the wrongs you’ve been done does nothing to elate our spirit, or even deduct
The pain were going through and loathing those who have wronged us only tend to abduct
Any happiness left inside our hearts, leaving misery and pain as the main and by product
So we must learn to let go of the hurt, of the pain, of all the hard feelings, using love to unclog any duct
That suffocates us with vengeful vehemence and paves way for blissful peace to conduct
The act of forgiveness

Poetry a flame of wordily worlds of fantasy and real
Poetry a ravisher of souls with the bliss of a spiritual meal
Poetry a fountain of words with the power to restore and heal
Poetry a sea of dreams that fate can neither defile nor steal
Poetry a flower that can blossom anywhere, a seed of pure zeal
Poetry a passionate part of you and me and all we can be!
Poetry a God given gift, a talent of man’s most natural skill
Poetry a science to inspire and empower or disempowered ones will
Poetry a stream of emotions that can flow uphill or downhill
Poetry a rainbow of life with infinite life tainted colors to fill
Poetry a mystery of life and the paradox nature of ink and quill
Poetry a passionate part of you and me and all we can be!
Poetry a force of nature that bestows us abilities surreal
Poetry a magic of love, intimacy and aphrodisiac appeal
Poetry an art of wisdom with rhythm and sight to reveal
Poetry a star so bright no darkness can ever conceal
Poetry a marker of past, present and any future ordeal
Poetry a passionate part of you and me and all we can be!
Poetry a script of history and events imprinted in times reel
Poetry a voice of all and for all in life’s great universal wheel
Poetry an energy source of feelings and desires we so deeply feel
Poetry a blade that cuts both sides forged with words of steel
Poetry a spirit so wild and free that can never ever be brought to heel
Poetry a passionate part of you and me and all we can be!
Poetry a beginning and an end a map on a worldly stencil
Poetry a path drawn with poetic words from a pen or pencil
Poetry a cup of mortal life or mortal peril, a divine utensil
Poetry a doctrine, a way of life, both of a manly and godly council
Poetry a voyage through uncharted waters seeking shores to drop anvil
Poetry a passionate part of you and me and all we can be!


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