Wake up, Woman 
                         and other poems.

 Wake up, Woman

woman was created, second born.
not from feet, so as to trample on;
not from the crown, to be reigned  upon;

but from a man's ribs, to be equal.
yet, abused and treated so casual,
made to do all the duties manual.

family is a woman's weakness
becomes her invisible harness,
until, she dries up from the harshness.

yet, I believe women are abused,
because they, somehow, allow so.
fight! and the control is reduced.
we are not born, to be slaves of woe.

mothers and wives, so do sacrifice,
to keep all her family suffice.
yet, young ones say, it destroys them more,
to see their mothers suffer torture.

we, as women, have the right of choice.
there's a way, let them hear our voice.
if we really open our eyes,
there is no need to live with the lies.

Where Are You Now?

where are you now, my sweet flower?
when all my pains and grief gather.
when tomorrow seems much darker.
and my wish to fly, would falter.

Where are you now?

where are you now, my sweet flower?
when my current life, I ponder .
when all my friends, are now strangers.
and your love, I start to wonder.

Where are you now?

where are you now, my sweet flower?
make my dreams sweet and much brighter .
help make my pains a bit lighter.
and be with me, all forever.

Where are you now?

I am right here, my true lover.
I know where you are, my sweet dreamer.
you are in my heart forever
and I promise to leave you, never.

Where are you now?

Knots of Gnats

A repulsive gnat for you I maybe
too insignificant for others to see
boring and irritating as can be

but I have my individuality
each gnat has its own personality
certainly proud of my identity

I may not fly across the open sea
I may not sit with you, have a cup of tea
but I would not mind a bite of your knee

wings that cannot go higher up a tree
life span that goes no longer than day three
yet we surpass you in numbers so free

with little sharp swords to prick you easy
to fight, protect and fill our tummy
sorry but your blood do taste so Yummy!

harmless we may seem for being tiny
our stings brought death to humans so many
gnats we may be but we are not puny!

The Banquet

once in the banquet of nymphs and goddess
all are yearning for ambrosia's sweetness
simmering desires are boiling ardours
within those arms give them hope for favors

watch the flowers blooming with awareness
feel the thirst of the flourishing forest
of present situation meditate
fervent needs to be quenched  they supplicate

once one is enticed by nature's fragrance
unknowingly depleting endurance
where is it now, warrior's famed prowess
sharpen your senses to gain an access

should the Vulcan have his lonely tantrums
lavas flow from disturbed doldrums
pleading understanding and attention
release the fire from its mounting tension

enjoy the banquet of nymphs and goddess
fulfil their yearnings for nature's sweetness
match their desires of boiling ardours
within those arms give them hope for favors


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