Ten Little Angels And Other poems

My Honey Mariah

There was a time in my life when I wasn’t sure
I would make it. I was sick and anemic while
the husband was deployed.

My oldest daughter had gone her own way,
and my youngest daughter was in her own

When I heard my name, “Nana,” being
called, she gave me a reason to get up
each day.

My little Mariah was so precious to me.
I love her so much. In the mornings on
my way to work and taking her to school,
We would sing. Anything from “Elmo’s world,
changed to Mariah’s world” to Twinkle,
Twinkle Little Star. She was so cute with
her sweet little voice.

Now my little Mariah will be 9 and will
Be going through her preteen years soon.
Her mother has pushed me out of
her and Andrew’s life because I don’t
agree with her.

After raising Mariah on my own, for a while,
just like that, she is gone. I miss her and I
wonder how Mariah feels about all of this.
Does she miss me? Does she think of me
as I think of her?

My little honey Mariah, I love you so
much. When you think of me honey,
wrap your arms around yourself. That
will be me hugging you. I love you very
much. Soon it will be your birthday.

Love of a Child

Oh to know, the love of a child,
Whether mild, meek, bold or

My babies, I love so very much,
I love to feel the comfort of a
child’s touch.

Even if when they do get older,
their behaviour may be reckless
and wild.

When they hit the teenager stage,
where against us parents, their
anger they may wage.

Eventually becoming women and
men, fighting their own battles,
hoping to win.

Someday they will come back to us,
if you can’t trust a parent then whom
can you trust?

Ten Little Angels

One little angel watching over me,
helps me to do, what is best for
Two little angels, standing at my side,
when I’m confused, to them I confide.
Three little angels, sitting in a tree,
If I do something wrong, they do
tell me.
Four little angels, behind my closed
door, they help me to clean my
bedroom floor.
Five little angels, visit me each day,
every night, they remind me to pray.
Six little angels, walk me to school,
they make sure, I follow the rules.
Seven little angels, walk home with me,
sometimes we stop and play in the tree.
Eight little angels, meet me at the gate,
each day for dinner, they make sure I’m not
Nine little angels, sit at the table with me,
they make sure my plate is as clean as can
Ten little angels, tuck me into my bed,
each night they make sure, to me they
have read.



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