The cup is filled with all delights,
It warms up my body and fills my tongue with all the tastes of gold,
I can feel the aroma slowly working its way
To all the wonders of today’s journey –
Where the minds do see the tumbling rolls of waterfalls,
Gushing with the sweetness of all scents:
I reel to it in all delicate warmth,
As the ways to all the richness soothe me,
My senses calm to the sweet life -
My day becomes a life so dear,
As the mist of hope puts me to all things smooth.
The tastes do light up my eyes
To the things which lather me with the froth
Of gentle whispers.
I kick start my day
In the soft silkiness –
Of a time so frilled!
2014 ©

Where would I be without you?
If it weren’t for the thirst and the courage and the adventures,
If it weren’t for the starlit gazes up in the evening,
If it weren’t for these kinds of things I’d be without your company,
For to be with you is to be speaking truth to armor,
As we walk together to the oasis bay,
The skies lit out to the rest of the night,
It extended until the morning and held out to the greatest whispers,
But we shall go roaming together to find food on earth,
To find yearnings to match,
To find life’s exquisite tastes,
To find souls to fill the hazes,
To be together in one’s greatest ownership,
To set the feasts to the sand dunes and times.
2014 ©

Tokens Spent
You bit your lips
And I looked at this to see
Why my thoughts took life out
To the tokens I collected
For days to come in better story lines.
I bit my lips to the last token that sent
Me off to a land of dreams,
Watering my times down into a stream
Of the conscious matters.

There I sat,
Where the tokens and our love-rush,
And our lip-biting,
Became reasons as to why
The conscious matters
Felt fallen down.
I frowned and kept a neater
Glance at that
To heal the very states of
The sharp pains I had to endure,
On the precisions of the pleasure-knife
Wringing my life back out
Again –
To the tokens spent.
2014 ©


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