The fiery fairy....
      And Other Poems

The fiery fairy....

Don't burn your feet,
Come and have a seat
Let hear the chorus dance of clock
Let us talk -
If it clicks, let enjoy a dazzling night
Baby, baby, work forward me
Moment is ripe - full of juice
I am full of love
You will go mad
It's impossible to quench the thirst
The volcanic outburst
The fiery fairy.

Life is not a gamble, not a cup of wine, those who tried, have lost
Rather taste it, chew the lolly pop, hug, grab and enjoy mast mast! 

Cheers! Life!! Cheers !!! Love !!!!! 

Beloved, Oh Beloved!
Where can I go without you ?
How can I give you pain?
We get peace in Love rain.

If I get u'r company ... a wish to leave this world
The world of want and desire
The world of chieftains and pseudo admirer.
If u promise ... will ruin all pain belonging
Will keep all despair hanging, hopes floating.

Dream ! Dream !! Dream !!!
Let us dream a sweet dream
Just put the smile beam
Let us assemble the broken glass
Experience the love world class

You don't know - donno donno donno ...
As soon as lips touch u'r eyebrow
My heart yearns in love
It misses love and prays for love
Let me dwell in your heart
Let me be little witty and smart.

Crazy! Crazy !! Crazy !!!
What do u know about the craze?
Do u have time to feel how I liked to ruin self ?
Do u know? how I got saved, searched self in thought shelf !

The pain submerged gets flooded while come out in flush
Every wave a blink of eye
Every moment notify
Cheers! cheers !! Life!!!
Cheers !!!! Love !!!!!

I am dam tired but very very happy.  
It's not that the success made myself happy.
Rather I have become more and more confident about myself.


Shadow – 1  .... NILU  

Who am I, to u?
The shadow kneeled
Stony feelings being singled
Waiting - waiting and waiting....
Lastly feelings got mingled...
On d waves of u'r sea,
Wanting to be of loving thee
Wanting to get as a whole with me
Wanting to search pleasure in pain
Wanting to drench in rain,
Wanting love fruit to ripen,
Wanting to live insane.
In your garden of love.
I wish I had the wings of a dove
I wish to live long-live proverb.
None cares u'r feelings........
The big place in u'r heart within
It's huge,
I like to reside
All I say...
I dwell in u....
I am in deep want of u......
I am in deep love with…Blue ….



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