Margaret Gudkov.


Dancing under waterfall of love And Other Poems

Love wrestling

Home early, tired
Long and hectic day
Dreaming only cuddle with you
Not moving inch from couch
Gaze from your eyes saying it be otherwise
Hand wanders freely over body

My hand catches yours in the responsive gest
Succumbing to waves it sending
Conquistador I am yours, swooning under quest
Do anything the fantasy permits you
Dim the lights, mute TV, concentrate
Cross Mississippi river with me on one breath
Go underwater diving deeper, deeper
Oh, you drive me absolutely wild
Intensity between us decalescent
Walking on hot coals, unaffected by the pain
Forget the tiredness, is gone in ashes
Love wrestling wandering the mind

Should I be a music

Should i be a music in your ears
Gurgling the ballads in the waterfall of love
Each drop like note, pleasuring the senses
Nectar on the tongue, slowly dripping in the gut

I be the symphony, all instruments at once
Unmasking sensibilities you carefully hidden
Pretending not to care, succumbing to the charms
Opening yourself to my flooding sunlight

Offering the dance of seven veils
Before the hungry eyes, seeking to taste forbidden fruit
Lift i the fragile covers on instrument you yearn to play
Leaving the black magic woman in defenseless state
Emitting music under able fingers

Or maybe I should be a painting
You brushing colors on, giving it a life
Blooming on canvas for admiring glances
Whatever is the choosing do not forget to bath me in your love

Dancing under waterfall of love

Walking the streets of lovely city
Hands holding in the tight embrace
The loving glances crossing in half way
Crashing shyly, two lovers caught in action

The women passing in the summer outfits
Skirts opening in parasols , revealing the forbidden
You have the eyes for me, nobody else
In long awhile since I felt to be real queen

If queen I am , then you should be a king
Holding the key to secret chambers
Knowing few things the real man ought to know
Bringing back forgotten in the time sensation of
Dancing under waterfall of love, laughing the head off under tickling drops

 Margaret Gudkov


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