In her castle made of ice
on a lonely mountainside
an echo of forgotten hope
her dreams again denied

He can see her silhoutte
against the twilight moon
He listens to her silence
feels her soul play its empty tune

She wanders through the mist filled rooms
Remembering precious moments of yesterdays
How it felt to be carried off in dance
amongst the stars and milky way

He wonders dare I try
to scale the forbidding heights
when I finally reach her there
Will she see beneath this worn disguise?

She sees a star fall silently
And makes 1 last request
1 chance,1hope,1dream,
a love that will always stand the test

He sees her starlit shadow turn
He follows the traces of her tears
He knows he has to take this chance
to rise beyond his fears

As she lays softly across the pillow
She dreams lost in loving arms,
A kiss,A smile ,A tenderness,
Sweet compassion's truest charms

He knows the pain in her story
Yet in his heart he cannot go astray
Just to see her secret smile
He will conquer all her trust betrayed

They find each other finally
In loves sweet eternal dance
All because 1 brave knight
Dared to take the chance.....JK


How can you say that you've loved her true
Her endless wandering gypsy heart
How can you dream of her simple song
If you've never let her in from the start

How can you shed infinite tears like rain
Under heaven's loneliest embrace
When you never let her feel your truth
Or dance inside your emptiest space

How can you say that you see her there
And value her souls eternal worth
If you've condemned her to walk the shadows
Of your darkness here on earth

How can you miss the feel of her touch
Or the wonder in her sweet kiss
If you've never let her sing your song
Or in your light her heart exist

How can you blame her for falling into silence
When you have never given her the words
How can you ever forget her peace
When she dances away from your world?



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