Women, the Warriors  Women, the Roses

Long time ago, amongst the ash and mist rose the horses of the bravest woman warriors led by the beautiful Penthesilea. They invaded many territories and participated in the Trojan war. They cut one breast to get fit for fight and another to feed their babies. They built an empire and their legends passed from generation to generation.

On May 1431 a heroine was born. Her name was Joan of Arc nick named “The maid of Orleans”. She disguised herself as a man and fought against the British in the 100 years war in support of King Charles VII and recovered France from English domination. Later on she was captured, charged and burned at stake. She was only 19 years of age.

In Persia, female emprors ruled for many dynasties of the Persian Empire, holding important positions in courthouse, military, treasury department. It all changed after the barbaric Arab invasion. Pantea Arteshbod was one of these woman. Her enchanting beauty and her toughness as a commandor known all over Asia. She covered her face during battle to stop men falling in love with her. Her sensitive heart and her fighting skills played an important role in the expansion of Persia during Cyrus the Great.

Women changed through time and history. They became warriors and got respected and then they regarded unvaluable and subjected to violence, rape and murder. They rose and fell but they never gave up.

Women fell in love. Women made love. Women made their men happy. They bore their babies in their womb for nine months and put up with physical pain to give birth. Women breastfed their babies and spared most of their valuable time looking after their babies to become useful adults.

But on the other hand women got used, abused and thrown away like a used paper and discarded and left to die young. Women were trafficked to different countries to be a pleasure for men. Their soul trampled and marred. They lived dead while still young and full of life.

Women were rejected to have important jobs in the 60s and they were regarded as less intelligent than men.  Women were lovers, mothers, and supporters. Women fought battles not only inside the household but also out in the deserts and villages, holding guns, shoulder to shoulder with men. They saved their cities and kept away the enemy.

The socialist party of America designated 28th of february as Women’s day when in 1908, 15000 garment workers in New York protested against their low payment and working conditions and their right to vote. Later on with the decision of the UN, 8th of March was regarded as women’s day in most parts of the World.

Just a month before Woman’s day, a 20-year old girl named özgecan brutally raped and murdered by an uneducated thug in Manisa-Turkey. This time, her case brought thousands of men and women into the street in condemning the tragedy and reminding how precious women are. One of the most poignant slogans of them was “Don’t tell us what to wear, teach your son not to rape”. An advertisement company made the screen dark for a second with Özgecan’s name on it.

Women like roses, like daffodiles should stay delicate and be respected and loved and protected. They should be given the same rights as men and their womanhood shouldnt be unerestimated and mocked. Although we will remember and admire women once again on the 8th of march, we should seriously find a solution to stop barbaric acts practiced on women in different parts of the world sadly even in our time.

If we educate our sons and encourage them to read and make reserarch. If we inject kindness and compassion into their hearts instead of violence and brutality, our world will be a better place to live. Be aware! The smoke is rising and I can hear the sound of the horses in a distance. If someday our world is saved, it will be in the hands of a woman…



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