I am a hope,
A dream brought to life,
I am an adventure
Discovering new lands.

I am laughter
A clown making merry.
I am a soldier marching into battle
Defending my country.

I can be courage
I can be brave
But usually I am fearful.

I am without risk
I am procrastination
I am fault
I am worry.

I am a tale of mystery,
A tale of deceit and lies,
I am a tale of love and joy
A tale of broken hearts.

I am
But I am not.
I am the opposite.

I am creation
Filled with fault.
I am creation
I am human.

I was a hope
A dream brought to life
I am an adventure
Discovering myself.

Lessons of Nature

A breath of wind,
A faint trickle of water,
The groaning of the trees,
The shushing leaves,

Glinting, slowly heating,
The light of the sun,
Creatures bask in the brilliance, roaming as well,
Stopping only to greet one another.

Civility, kindness,
Appreciation for all creatures,
Respect, love
Aware of one another.

Predators and prey,
The endless circle of life,
Never taking more than needed,
Keeping balance.

The lessons of the earth,
Are meant to teach us,
Teach us to listen, observe,
Care and keep balance.

To guide us in preserving our past,
Living in the present,
Looking to the future,
Keeping the world and fixing it.

Fix it for our children.
After we turn to ash,
Who will teach them,
Keep them safe?

Fate and life,
The sun, stars, and moon,
The rocks, wind, and sea,
The lessons of nature.



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