SONGSOPTOK:  What is your earliest memory about being a girl?
IULIA:  My earliest memory about being a girl is that I always played the Prince role in our childhood games; I always wanted to be in charge of things. Never the role of a feeble princess!

SONGSOPTOK:  Do you remember any incident(s) from your childhood where you witnessed gender discrimination? What are your thoughts about that? Do you think gender discrimination starts right through our home? A lot of studies indicate that the gender segregation starts in school. What is your experience?
IULIA:  The only gender discrimination I have witnessed as a child it was indeed at home where I have assisted to my parents fights, where my father was always out having fun and my mother after the day job would come home to more work, raising three children and keeping the household all by herself; the poet/ man couldn't be disturbed....In my view, gender discrimination starts at home, school will only certify it, amplify it only... But, thanks God, I never felt discriminated at school. Witnessing my parents fights, I grew up to be a person who wants to control things, pretty much similar to a man :)

SONGSOPTOK:  Now going on to college / university – what according to you were the advantages / disadvantages of being a woman? Do you think that women were treated fairly by the educational institutions?  We would like to know your experiences.
IULIA:  There was no gender discrimination in our school institutions, regardless of level, if only because we all lived under the communist regime, discrimination existed, of course, but on other criteria.

SONGSOPTOK:  A lot has been written about the unsafe environment in the world for women, especially on public transports. What is your personal experience? How does it differ from the environment in your country? Are the streets of your city is safer for women? If so, what is your analysis of the differences?
IULIA:  You should laugh, nowadays, the streets are much safer for young girls and women due to the fact that everybody, both in buses and on streets, keep their noses on the mobile phones. In other words, no one sees no one! In my city, the danger has an olfactory angle: there is no corner, no fence, no wall not to smell of pee... and that is man made only :)

SONGSOPTOK:  According to you, to what extent is the patriarchal society responsible for the status of women? How does it works, evolves and shapes the individual woman.
IULIA:   100%. Patriarchal society is a nice way to semantically cover the slave society. Women must serve men, isn't that what all religions are preaching? The only change in our present days it is that women have doubled their amount of work. Due to this regime women are pretty much like bees or ants and I let you guess what role are men playing in this scenario! :)

SONGAOPTOK: Do you think that social status (caste, class, affluence) plays a significant role in how women are treated in the Third World countries? Are there significant differences in the status of women in your country? If so, then to what extent?
IULIA:  Casts, classes, affluence layers after layers of ground poured over the women tomb! any excuse to cut our wings is good! In my country, after '89 revolution, or whatever that is called, we have only to classes: rich and poor, in other words, thieves and victims...

SONGSOPTOK:  Would you say that in your country, there is equal treatment of women in the workplace? Are women given the same opportunities as men? Has the situation evolved compared to the earlier generation? If so, then how? What are the mechanism and the dynamics of the changes!
IULIA:   In my country there is equal treatment of women at the work place. Occasionally, some are more equal than others, but that happens regardless of gender :)

SONGSOPTOK:  Has the position and status of women evolved at home compared to your mother’s generation? Do women today have more decision-making power within the family structure? Can you explain your answer?
IULIA:  Unfortunately or maybe not, I can't answer this question, my wife career ended almost a decade ago

SONGSOPTOK:  According to you, what needs to be done to improve the situation of women all over the world? How can women contribute – at home, at work, at social & political levels? How can they establish the right equilibrium between the state power and feminism because state power is basically patriarchal in nature?
IULIA:  The word that synthesizes the answer at your question is Respect. Men must acknowledge our presence and respect it. That is a tough job to do for men, in their vision that implies losing a great deal of power. Women do already too much at all levels. State power produces discrimination for both genders, in my opinion. Feminism as any form of extremism is only a cry of help. Somewhere a repetitive lack of respect took place.

SONGSOPTOK:  Violence against women is a global problem today that manifests itself in different forms in different societies. And the problem seems to be growing every day in spite of preventive measures. What, in your opinion, should be the priority? How do you see the role of the civil society in this context? Do you think women are still marginalised in our civil society, which is the actual stumbling block to advance further or making any significant improvement?
IULIA:   Violence against women is another sign that women are considered slaves, something to be used of, to be blamed on for your failure, to beat and hurt when you are bored, after all they are guilty for your fall from heaven, isn't it?! The blockage comes from men's denial for their part of guilt. The blockage comes from men refusal to assume the responsibility for their deeds. Blockage comes from the lack of respect between genders and so on...

SONGSOPTOK: What are your personal views on women’s empowerment? What should be the priorities here (economic / social / cultural/ educational….) especially in the context of our patriarchal society where women are considered to be the reproduction machine denied of dignity and liberty?
IULIA:  It may sound mad but I should forbid marriage, this institution is the root of all evil, especially in the third world!

SONGSOPTOK:  Do you think the situation of women can evolve in the years to come? What is your vision for the future?
IULIA:   It will most surely evolve! Step by step, we will regain our deserved position, I have no doubt!



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