Life is a teacher.., fine , agreed but I think we can teach ourselves equally good lessons., life is tough,,, and the moment we think life can't get any worse , it gives us nightmares like rotational dynamics.., ya, I don’t like it ... I don’t get physics, I just can't do it,, doesn’t seem like worth it,, but life is weird.., maybe I start loving physics soon, and do something in physics,,, till then I’m pretty happy with maths and chem.,,, it's fun.., maths is entertaining... Ok, fine, that wasn't a very good adjective for maths but who cares ,, it's how I feel about it, and I have always learnt that you should never care about what others think about you.., and what they say,, just forget the world man,,, live life king size.., life is really very short to spend it on useless people who have immense amount of useless time to spend on useless people like you,., fine not u , useless people like me.., like seriously here I’m struggling with this thing called time management, ., I suck at it big time.., and then you see rest of the world, having enough time to talk about you .., and what hurts the most is the fact that most of these people are better than you even if you work harder than them... This is pissin off ... obviously, you work so much and so many people., who don’t work are always better than you ,., worst thing, my case,, hard work is inversely proportional to success,,, the harder you work, the worse it gets.... Funny, isn't it? Bt it's fine., I m not here to compete..Ok, I’m ,, everyone is... as in you know, People start early,,, I was pretty late.., I m still.. but it's not true that if you start late you can't finish early, .., Ok, finish is far.. so rather, it's not that you can't reach your goal soon,,, it's not tough... fine it's all plain philosophy,, I have no idea.,, I started late,, I’m struggling,, but I m better,, better than before,,, in these 8-9 months I have learnt, if not much,,, something at least,,, you don’t have to excel everywhere, ,, it's not even possible.., I am happy  I'm trying.., I won't give up,,, giving up looks simple., it is also,, but it's painful,, not now, in future, ,, now it might seem like a very good option,, trust me,, expert opinions, it's not,,, giving up is always an option,, but it's never my choice, ., and I hope it never becomes.., so.. Life, get ready,,, I'll make your life hell.... wow.. nice! I am ready for anything you offer me now.., I m not scared anymore,,, u have showed me so many failures , nothing bothers me now.., there's a limit to which life can pull u down, ,, it's like a trampoline .., the lower u go,,, the higher u rise,,, I’m not even kidding. !, I m confident now,,, I have faith in myself.. I can do anything da... and I don’t care about the world... now its the time to show them what I m made of.., I'm not weak, , critics have made me strong... people have made strong.... I’m not afraid of anything anymore,,, bring it on,,, let's see who wins,, me or me? There's no one in the world for me except them...



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