Inside, she may be a mess,
or maybe she just has, so
much stress.

But one thing for sure,
her soul may cry, trying
to figure out who, what
and why.

Some days, may be better
than others, at other times,
she may feel smothered.

Do not be afraid, she will
always be near, helping
you to alleviate all of
 your fear.

Some things, we will never
know why, so go ahead,
have a good cry.

When you are done, just
wipe your eyes, no more
questioning of the whys.

Stand up tall, break that
wall, continue your making,
by answering your call.


A mother is someone meant to be,
A bearer of God’s children such as she.
To take the responsibility for a new life,
She may be faced with lots of strife.
In the beginning, when we meet our mate,
God already knows what is our fate.
He trusts in us to do our best,
I guess in a way, it feels like a test.
Our children  are examples of us,
Whom God has put into our trust.
We owe it to them to let them know,
that our love for them, will always be so.
And when they go out on their own,
They will represent our home.
When their lives are put to the test,
Hopefully, they will do what they think is best.


“Come close” she whispered to me as I lay,
“I will be here for you each and every day.
Please don’t cry for me anymore,
You know I’m already at heaven’s door.”
“Instead I will pray for you,
And I’ll make sure your faith remains true.
Someday I want you up here with me,
So that again, together we will be.”
“My love for you and daddy is strong,
You two didn’t do anything wrong.
Tell my sister’s that I love them so,
They will never have to let me go.”
“You all were so good to me,
My love for you will always be.
Please try to talk to me each day,
To deal with my death, you will find a way.”
“For those times when you are in doubt,
Look up at the stars and think about,
About the love we have for each other,
Thank you for being my father and mother.”

[Sheena Mosier]


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