The Digital Social-Mediated Instruction as a Teaching Strategy in Creative Writing

The techno-hybrid 21st century has been offering digital instructions and communication, business management, web-advertising, webinars, publishing media, digital marketing campaigns and building virtual relationships worldwide through social media. Meeting the challenge to explore an experimental social media instructional strategy in my classes especially Creative Writing class, solely facing a big responsibility. I am adapting Dr. Kay Lehmann’s  Learning Outcomes from his Integration of Social Media Instructional Strategies.

At the end of the lessons, my students will be able to distinguish their roles as technowise students; to determine the legal and and ethical use of social media in creative writing; evaluate famous social media tools for classroom use and develop learning applications; give examples of creative writing strategies using social media with other professionals, community partners, or parents; critically analyze creative writing in their classroom projects and professional development opportunities using social media; and to publish their own masterpieces through blogs.

As an English instructor handling students taking up Bachelor of Arts in English Language, Bachelor of Secondary Education, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, I responsibly use social media in our internet-based lectures and discussions.

While I was searching for an educational management task online, I came across Brian Solis, ‘’a digital marketing analyst, speaker, and author. He is the principal analyst at Altimeter Group, a research and advisory firm and the author of several books on social media marketing.’’

I reflected about his outlook on the latest buzz word, social media, ‘’Social media spark a revelation that we, the people, have a voice, and through the democratization of content and ideas, we can once again unite around common passion, inspire movements and ignite change.’’ True enough, it can ignite change, but it is still us who will properly use and be the ‘’total mission controller’’ of this instant online platforms. Facebook, twitter, pinterest, goodreads, LinkedIn, google plus, yahoo, instagram, blogs, are my so-called ‘’working internests’’, the nests or digital habitats where I post, share, recommend, advertise and promote my chef-d'œu·vre and other authors’ works. I have also let my students create Facebook group page for paperless assignments, supplemental readings, and announcements. It is where they can also post their photos during their reports, group activities and game-based mini-educaTour (instructional games and educational tour within the campus). Aside from immediacy in directing and instructing my students for their assigned tasks, I always remind them the netiquette, their online responsible engines of breakthrough, and how to keep their identities in safe capsules.

Compendium of reactions and commentaries from my ABEL  IV-3, creative writing students about the impact of social media in their lives as a student

‘’Because of the innovative life, people nowadays choose to express their feelings and ideas through facebook, but as time passes by, I learned that this social media could also be a weapon. I can easily track people from far away land, be updated on the special and intriguing moments of world events, and give reactions on irresistible intrigues.’’

‘’Facebook: Weapon to attack and influence society. We may be able to ‘’weaponize’’ facebook through influencing others. As we observe political and social problems, we also share our stand and try to give them the chance to reflect and to do what is humane.’’
 ~ Rahmiel V. Iglesias
Creative Writing student,
 Facebook Weaponizer

‘’Social Media is a powerful tool to know more about other’s personality. As a student, I wed Facebook  in my daily life, it gives me more information about my family and relatives who are in far places. We are connecting and chatting each other. In facebook, I can post my feelings, ideas, and anything that I want to say in public, but I make sure it won’t upset or offend my friends and family. I also learn some lessons especially current events, worthy-reading stories and more.Sometimes, it gives me confidence to interact with others.’’
~Virgie V. Paglingayen
Social Media

‘’As a student, Google translate is very helpful to me especially in translating foreign languages, not only for my personal communication development, but learning, understanding and appreciating the importance of other languages as well.’’
  ~ Marla Mae Baldivicio
Google fanatic

‘’New event, new discovery. The Youtube is where I always consult or visit, everytime I want to watch something new, newly discovered people, events, ideas, and trending videos. By watching a video, I take it in my mind and in my heart, it seems the experiences shown are part of my life. It does give information, warn and state safety precautions, and present facts about the earth.’’
~Emmanuel M. Velasco
The Youtube wanderer

“For me, life became easier with the use of social media such as Google. I can search and learn more information that I can use as references for our educ-tasks. I sometimes don’t need to go to library because there are available e-books that you can freely download.’’
~Melody Ann G. Juan
The Google Girl
“Through social media, I have sought many things. One is I found different kinds of people: role models in the society, the other one has a helping hand, the others share their experiences to be liked and to be talked about.’’ 
~Ray Marc Palisoc
The Social Media Reflector

‘’For me as a student, there’s nothing wrong about using social media. It is very true that it is helpful to make reunited with former classmates and relatives who left the country a long time ago, but we should not overuse and misuse it. Some are ruining their lives and even their reputations instantly. We should be careful, as the saying goes, ‘’think more before you click.’’
~Leslie Mian I. Ferriol
TechnoSocialMedia Geek

‘’The role of social media in my life as a knowledge seeker and informer, I just love how my messages being sent and received ASAP. It has a great impact in our lives as students, because we are able to do our reports and assignments especially those that are not printed in books. Entertainment is also a by-product of social media. ’’
~Jeffrey A. Macaraeg
SocMed Entertained
‘’I am happy that social networks and media have been invented or created. I am a Facebook and Twitter user, I just don’t follow tweets but I learn a lot of ‘’identity pushers’’, what they post speak about their character and personality. I am also updated about my country and other countries.’’
~Janica E. Mejia
A Facebooker who also tweets

‘’Practically, I use social media specifically Google in our linguistic class. Searching the meaning of difficult words has been easier.’’
~Margie G. Datuin
Another Googlism bella

‘’Through the help of social media, Goodreads- I become knowledgeable about the literary pieces and great writings of different authors of different eras from different parts of the world.
You can also share it easily by linking the site.’’
~NanetteG. Ferrer
Goodreads Explorer

‘’My awareness as a student is being broadened through internet. Aside from the daily news that I hear and read, I am also informed about environmental changes. Somewhat gives me rules/guidelines to look forward to another day.’’
                                                                                                                       ~ Gladys Charmaine M. Catalan
I.T.Socially and environmentally aware


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