Weeks, months at seas and
oceans voyagers spent to reach
their destinations,
mails locally and internationally took
days, weeks, months before delivered;
news and happenings around the world
required bureau, syndicates, horde of
newsmen before served.

International trades, similar activities
required months, even years
before impacts could be felt;
thanks to social media,
yesterday’s snail-speed-
today’s science has reversed
to one world, one people, and
one neighborhood-
wonders of dotcom.

Like a dream it began with
world wide web,
the triple-“WWW”-
like magic electronic mail
mails without postage stamps,
mails that bypass postal service.

With hypertext markup language,
uniformed resource identifier, and
hypertext transfer protocols,
mankind launched self on
super information highway.

Imaginary highway in a cobweb
style that creates a virtual
single community from
six-ocean-separated continents
into online actors,
dyadic or multiple concurrently
engaging in same or different
activity as if they were in
same neighborhood;
causatum and wonders of-
social media,
magic from 20th and 21st
centuries’ science.

Every day humankind face
the books they are not reading,
but pleasurably shuffled through;
books behind electronic screens,
humans turned papyri of photos,
videos, comments, discussions in
simultaneous interactions by
heterogeneous audience
nearby or far off on facebook

Daily, humankind googles out billions
tons of information through search,
in a global computer web structure;
no need for libraries with index cards,
no need for book shuffling,
no need for dust-gathering

No need for microfilm or image,
no need for complex preservation of
ancients, rare books, and artifacts
as action-packed-search-engine,
Bing-turns digital information on
computer chips to a ready-made
texts for its teeming visitors.

Yahoo-mankind has changed
from “a rude, noisy, and violent
person” to a social platform of no
from email to sports, news, e-trade,
autos, weather, homes, shopping,
jobs, health to styles and movies-
noisy Yahoo now surnamed

Unintentionally, but excitingly
parroting has become a way of
life to some three hundred million
people worldwide;
without crest, bright colors,
“hooked bills and zygodactyl feet”
mimicking by sedulity-
human keep acting like parrot-
as they twit endlessly on twitter.

Businesses and professionals
desire fingerprint of identity,
social media through specific
professional network provides
platform of “show-yourself”;
LinkedIn seal-the signet ring-
fills this role-creating a tunic or
toga of individuality for
its own.

WordPress-man owes you
thanks for teaching him
how to publish without
Gutenberg letter press.

Wikipedia-a mobile and global
Encyclopedia you are to the
sons of mankind;
depositary of human heritage,
warehouse without locks and keys,
vault for ancient, rare, and
modern property-every living
human-access whenever wanted.

YouTube-you have changed-
humankind’s perception of
teletube “sit-down-and-watch”
rent-me, and paid-theater-movies
to watch-me-on-the-move,
on mobile phone, tablet, and

Daily, through YouTube
millions of video uploads-
music, movies, and
broadcast-yourself in
public domain shared with
friends and families keep
changing world’s structured
entertainment to a more
open-ended system.

Daily, we pin without safety or
paper clip,
still bulletin board never gets
filled as visual bookmarking
help discover and save ideas on

Thanks to Instagram-the
instant photo shop with neither
darkroom nor grain coated films,
still the pin-hole-lens writes with lights,
as it captures and shares events of
the moment in pictures online to wide
audience around the globe.

Through social media, mankind’s
ways of life is continuously evolving
from a simple to complex management
of himself;
from casual visit to network sites
users make and keep friendship
without breakup;
unlike traditional friendship that
comes under strain and attack
every time for lack of trust,
failed promises, jealousy, third-party
conflict to imaginary suspicion.

Network for social change
network for political change
network for global a movement,
social media has become a web
work and a reticulum of
interconnected, people of like mind
agreeing in opinion and goals to
create a change.

Social Media will continue to be
an ultimate-a driving force in education,
a bedrock for commerce and trade,
launching pad for political change;
social media-yes- will always be
a nu-plus-ultra-for now, more so,
creating a new future for humankind.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest,
Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, VK, Flickr,
Vine, Meetup, Tagged, Ask.fm, Meetme,
and those not mentioned will continue to
have both positive and,
perhaps negative impacts on lives of
as science of dotcom keep evolving and
ruling over man.



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