I have no desire to hear        the worlds words
rather would I            the chirping of birds
to hear the clapping           of leaves in the breeze
whirring of hummingbirds     wings of the bees

Or the babbling           sounds of the brook
the rumbling of earth          when its being shook
the patter upon        my   roof                of the rain
the sounds of the city         care I to abstain

I love the plunging             of waves upon rocks
detest the noise          of the ticking of clocks
road blare of wheels          upon tar and cement
or clamor of crowds         who attend an event

The racket of what           some people call song
which clashing smashing              banging belong
but the voices of wolves      howling by moon
or soulful longing                  in notes of the loon

the rustle and whisper            of wind in the wheat
tender the note              of a newborn lambs bleat
expressions of nature        when its in play
I want to hear                 what the animals say

The laughter of children          learning a game
squawks of chickens   and sheep that are tame
the wail of wind           through a window crack
splitting of thunder         lighting nights black

The chill on the spine          from a low growl
so quiet you can hear                the drop of a towel
music that lifts           the breath of ones soul
the crackle of ice                which freezes a pole

the echoes in canyons          when you give a call
snapping of trees        when in a storm fall
the rustle and flush          the dog and the pheasant
their decent upon          my ears                 very pleasant

I want to hear    the sounds of Gods garden
when the trial is over                I’ve got a full pardon
the voices of those             whose hearts that I love
when I hear these                its you I think of

These are the things        that to my heart speak
sounds of the  newborn     pats of baby feet
take me away             from Babylon’s din
the screeching and static                created by men
COPYRIGHT © 2011 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC


Your face is ever before me
          like a painting etched in sky
as the dusk of dawn approaches
          still seeking the reasons why
I would set upon your head a crown
before you would I bow
with affection would I clothe you
if knew I only how
Every sight of you is pleasure
          your voice to me a song
every feeling within that’s stored up
          to be empty of it wrong
Never have eyes seen so much
          stored in a well of man
fought have I with resistance
          It’s course for me unplanned
The mountains into the valley slide
          the path of which you spake
to empty there every river
          like the fig in wind does shake
My ear has heard its calling
          like angels in the wind
the words of a heart falling
          to reason its amend
Every note has played its key
          upon us did aria descend
the chords of exultation
          a song can none pretend
Every key has its own note
          every scale its own cry
every sound of truth you hear
         will every lie defy
You are my beloved ones
          none can you replace
in every place I seek you
          to have my eyes upon your face
COPYRIGHT © 2012 C. Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC


Today the leaves again dance in the wind
the view of it I never want to end
when the trees do move and sway
reminders that we all live within this day
All across the earth do live we here
and it’s beauty wondrous is near
the wind brushes upon my skin
and I know the same touches other men
How close we are connected in it’s themes
having all the same abundant hopes and dreams
to live and caress another soul
whose loving kindness makes us whole
The wind itself embraces round the earth
touches everyone who here lives in birth
Seasons rains and sun impacts us all
within the universe are we all so small
Glistening dew upon the fields of grass
for me the seasons move far to fast
softly clothed are flowers who begin the spring
God has arrayed so beautifully everything
Mysteries of universe and earth
curiously probe we upon their birth
everlasting hills that never die
our lives so short must we ask why
how few of us depth of consideration give
to the endless cosmos which in we live
stretches vastly beyond the points we see
and paints us pictures and dream eternity
Short lived we are by all that does surround
till return do we to dust of ground
God’s love has so preserved our universe
and within we die because of curse
sources Gen.3 Matt.6:25-34 Is 40:22

COPYRIGHT © 2010 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC


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