You are over there,
Miles and knots further
Yet you are also here,
Your words I can hear

You are but a stranger,
Could be safer or danger
Yet such things never did bother,
You, my sister or my brother

Know me not, yet still care,
To connect, to link, you dare
Inner thoughts we share,
Letting down one's hair

Bared on internet connection,
Social media's sweet attraction
Out of the body human interaction,
An etertainment or addiction?

Travelled places without mileage,
The generation of virtual age
Out of sight-out of mind, a passe' adage,
Social media is the international rage

I know you not, you know me not
Yet we tied the friendship knot
Must be a crackling nut
A relationship that is hard to cut


A picture of half century ago.
I posted, he loved it and told me so.
How shall I tell him it was photoshopped?
Made it look new, just few days in a shop.
What if he learned I am over eighty?
He'd be angry, laugh at me or pity.
From chat, he wants to go on camera.
He will still love me, is my chimera.
How can I now maintain the illusion?
Shall I dim the lights, thick face foundation?
He is a young, handsome, divorced father.
Or ask to sit on skype my granddaughter?

* Waiver: I'M REALLY 50!


Holy Cow! I have won!
Say it’s real and not a con
In a raffle I did not even join
In wishing well, I must have tossed a coin

My son changed his server's roaming
He needs some cash for viber calling
Of my health he has been worrying
I just remembered, my daughter has no sibling

Quick money he has to lend
Blls and mortgages, I can rend
Qualifying rules he can bend
If my bank check or plastic card I will send

For my future I can invest
Double my money that’s the best
No need to work, I can rest
Or just travel to far west

He’s in military, so handsome
I am a pretty widow , so lonesome
He needed money for duty’s ransom
Straight to marry me, he would come

Really tempting, Scammers
Quite irritating, Spammers
So pathetic, Conners
My social site inbox is flowing with your thrashers



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