These modern times, almost all people young and old alike are getting into social networking sites and life had been so different compared to way back before. The impact of social media is so tremendous that their lives almost revolve around cyberspace- creating online friendships and relationships. The young generation has been lured by social media’s multi-faceted world- where anyone can live the life they have imagined far from what’s going on in reality. The impact of joining social networking platforms paved the way for an increase in internet addiction and sometimes people falling into preys of cybercrime circulating the Net, as well.

With the introduction of the Net, our lives had a complete turn around. Communication had been better and faster- we can connect with other people from distant places using messengers and other applications. Social media lets us interact globally with just one click and businesses have acquired vast client base. The different social media platforms let us gain the proper connections to reach out to our target audience on a large scale- we can offer our products and services to anyone in the world now. We also now have the convenience of working from home with the different online jobs being offered by different companies locally and internationally. We can also meet our clients or customers through social media. Writers connect with their readers and followers using the different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Tumbler, to name a few. Making a name internationally is now easy unlike before wherein we were just confined within our own country. You Tube introduces new online sensations daily for in this digital age, we can easily upload videos showcasing our talents and skills and quite a number of people have become famous overnight.

Although progress along with the continuous development of technology is beneficial to society, we simply can’t ignore the other side of the coin. Social media’s great influence on the way of thinking of the young becomes obvious with the proliferation of juvenile delinquents who just prefer to sometimes go to internet cafes and engage themselves in games involving money when they get to compete with gamers from different parts of the world. Their studies are just neglected and some of their parents know nothing of what’s going on for they know their children are attending school. Some students cannot concentrate well on their homework and school projects for they have become too engrossed with their social networking and thus get failing grades much to their parents’ utter dismay. People need to be careful when dealing with their connections online especially those whom they don’t know personally yet. Cybercrime is one major problem encountered in the virtual world where evil also resides in the dark. Cyber bullying and online trolls also proliferate on the Net with some severe cases leading to suicide and with these netizens must be responsible enough when posting, commenting on each others views. Just like also in the real world, we should respect each other and be responsible when posting something online for information can easily spread like wildfire.

Social media without any doubt has made a major presence in our daily lives. Nowadays, whether we like it or not, it has greatly influenced our perspective of life – especially the young generation. While it doesn’t hurt to follow the trend and be tech-savvy, we must all be responsible netizens when dealing with different people and should also be careful of what we post online.



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