How the universe sings this day in perpetual joy
To the resounding echoes of their hearts harmony
How brightly the stars shine for them as they pass
On their way to the completion of their cosmic destiny
Feel the rhythm as the earth itself doth truly rejoice
At the wonder of a glorious love so beautiful as this
How all of creation sighs there in collective unison
At the wondrous glory of a first true love's kiss
The guardian angels that have watched from afar
Marvel at the final completion of their duty there
To bring together these two souls in eternal dance
In the peace of a moment of love beyond compare
How long it took these twin souls to find each other
To see their own reflection in the eyes of another's light
To watch their wings unbound in the gift of heaven's grace
To see them finally dance amongst the stars aloft in flight-


She had long been carrying the burden of her dark past
The pain received from hearts unaware of her light
Been abused at the hands of those who required control
The pawn of cruel fates and eternally dark knights

never able to understand why it must be her path
Why sorrow was the gift of her life's endless destiny
Asked herself over and again what had she done
To deserve the feeling of unworthiness as her only legacy

But changes have made her review her perspective's vision
She is coming to understand that this was always the lesson
That her soul chose this path of karmic consequence
To help her rise above and follow her cosmic mission

That every step in darkness bound was to lead her to look up
That the souls without any hope of holding to light were lost
That she chose to bear this burden in the need to find
That she could hold to her inner light no matter the cost

She needed to believe that she had the strength to overcome
So she let herself walk through the paths of darkest night
Just to learn to find the courage in her soul's deepest realms'
To be a warrior who for the sake of truth would win this fight

She no longer sees them as evil just as souls forever lost
Is learning to view them with the gift of true compassion's light
Has found forgiveness to be the kindest gift she can give
Hopes one day they find their way to be their own souls knight


Even though her heart may come with imperfections
And the scars of wounds that are still finding healing
Know that she is a wonder unlike any you've seen
For she carries unfathomable depths of feeling

When she loves it is with everything that she is
Behold the very definition of ethereal passions fire
Inside the heart of this warrior soul reflected there
Know she is without limitations when swept up in desire

She will carry you away to where only angels dare
Dance with you through the glory of cosmic wonder
Let you touch the peace she holds close to her heart
Reflect the brilliance of the stars she lays with you under

A heart that has known darkness reaches there for beauty
Loses it self in the ecstasy of love's overwhelming light
Sings in harmony to the soul that can see her true
An angels wings will wrap gently around you in the night

When she opens up the gates to the garden in her heart
She will show you a love beyond measure in her green eyes
Nothing will ever compare to the vision she will share
Your dreams forever kissed by the starlight in her skies



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