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Untapped resource in Economy and some solution

I always believe in Social Economy rather capitalist economy particularly country like India where Human Resources of 1.2 billion people available . For the first time a politician like RahulGandhi of Indian National Congress has identifies a new  class of people to be upgraded to middle class level so that they contribute more on development of economy. It was never been tried so far last 66 years instead our political system relied on caste based system to solve the social problem .This unique identification will remove the class system available on caste so the politics on caste will be removed in future . 

There are 70 cr people in India living on no class of society basis described so far .They are Drivers ,Auto drivers ,Restaurant workers on street side ,Beggars near all religious establishments ,All the workers of all the religious establishment  .They are not rich not BPL not even Middle class They have only one class NRMB (Not Rich Not Middle Not Below Poverty ) but they still contribute to development of India .Out of that 50 million people are domestic workers whose contribution to people mostly live in Cities are immense and they live like almost family man to some of the houses but still they do not enjoy power of pension,free medical ,insurance as their household bosses enjoy .  .Human development in highest class for these NRMB people is essential and urgent for further growth of the country .More human development --more need of products --more establishment of manufacturing activities --more demand in economy --More GDP growth .Without inclusive human growth no nation can survive forget about other development of the country .This is simple economy model with social development which will percolate to next generation development of India .

FOR DOMESTIC WORKERS === Make exchange board of Govt-Pvt separate Company of such domestic workers in every cities towns of 600 such cities with full fledged office .Give them identity card with unique numbers .Every members will contribute Rs 5 to 100 each month to the board as pension fund with Govt contribution of 500 % each month with a corpus fund in each state of Rs 5000 crore annually out of budgetary allocation .

2. People needs domestic help have to give written demand to these Board and Board will send the members according to areas with fixed amount to be fixed by Domestic workers and boards with the knowledge of local MLAs and MPs FOR TAXI DRIVERS AND OTHERS IN AUTOS ,CHHAKRAS == Again make it on Co operative Model like Amul . Let all the drivers class come under one marketing Company with similar contributions of Rs 10 to Rs 100 with Govt corpus fund of Rs 10000 cr for each state .Make one single companies for hiring taxis and autos with offices in 2800 districts ,400 towns and 100 cities .Booking can be done via mobile or internet on a fixed rate changing with fuel prices . Even I believe all Transport Companies must hire drivers from this centralized Companies with Pvt -Govt joint pool of marketing Companies .
In a Social economy like India if these 70 Cr people are upgraded to Middle class then what kind of demand in economy will generate .More products-More Companies -More Jobs -  More demand -More supply 


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