Hillol Ray

Unknown | 9/10/2014 |

Whispering in the Air
Dreams, big or small, prefer to come and go
along the periphery of pupils of the eye
And tantalize the profound desires in all possible ways
until the last day when we die !
But the solace can be always found,
by limiting the depths of dreams,
that riffle along the mind -
While allowing it to offer a whisper in the ear,
like the joy of rustling leaves from the tree always find !!

Lonely Eucalyptus

Once upon a time,You stood like a tree-
Undeterred by the winds,But wanted to be free!
Conversations of moonlit nightsWhen we joined the lip-
Are part of history now,'Cause promises you didn't keep!

Memories float on mental websTo hunt for a green life-
And I found a new love,Truly without a mental strife!
Her beauty now outshinesEvery corner and nook-
And I find it's invitingWhen and wherever I look!

Withered skulls of grassesAre changing so fast-
But assure me a new vitalityThat would surely last!
So my perceptions about you Now remind the lonely Eucalyptus-
Planted in backyard,And short-lived with no more fuss!


The star-lit night doesn't excite me,
As much as you do in my arms-
It's like the song of a blue robin
That brings my morning charms!
Nearness of you weaves all dreams,
To rekindle my adolescent flame-
And I feel the pull of an ebb tide
On you, dear, to put my claim!

My heart dances like a peacock does,
With the smell of impending rain-
'Cause you wipe away my sorrows,
Buried in the dusts of aches and pain!
I need no lights to see the clock,
Or enlighten me with fables in book-
Rather, the twinkles in your eyes
Tell me about you, and where to look!

Morning chats with you soothe my ears
In your mellow symphonic voice-
While my passion rises to hold you tight,
And thrashes me with a single choice!
You don't need to put on any make-up,
Or waste time to fix your curly hair-
'Cause the fragrance of our true love
Is spread on soil, water, and mountain air!

Ripples in the brook of my heart now
Relish the reflection of your smile-
And exclaim "Eureka! Eureka!!" in my sleep,
Even if you stepped out a while!! -


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