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Upon this misty eve of November, I smell the smile of December, the month of love and sharing.  I am here in my little corner listening to the acoustic tune of my heart and trying to scribble it's message and impart its humbleness to the world. There are so much lyrics in my heart to utter yet I opt to ride the flow of what my delightful  ink wishes to share.

Indeed we are all grateful of life and our existence but we are nothing if we dont know how to share our gifts to our fellow men. To balance the enormous gift God has given to us which is this splendid life, we need to know study and learn simply by means of being observant to the wonders of earth, people, beliefs and more. Experiences and mistakes taught us more than theory while kindness and humility give us wisdom. Our faith turns things possible and behind this known world to which only a few aren't worldly, we are supposed to grow onward as we aged. Our daily encounter with various difficulties in life and unpleasant situations we are facing every now and then, taught us many great lessons to grow spiritually knowing the fact that this world is provided unto us as habitat of our temporary human bodies. We have an eternal place where we all go home after, into the realm of spirit where we can't bring what he have possessed here on earth.

Yet, some of us wished to stay blind because of our love of power and prestige instead of nurturing our souls.  Human as we are, we always tend to compete each other and we are far from contentment. We always love to please our ego and we lack eagerness to unwrap ourselves from immaturity.

It's hard for others to understand   that we are only visitors in this world. We are always in mundane to the nature of our humanity unminding to feed our spiritual necessitate. We are here to leave good legacy to the next generation and make ourselves as a good example not just a barren seeds of the land.

Sometimes I asked myself why people showed their faith of God and that they religiously believe that God is a Mighty and loving God. They don't even miss to go to church regularly, but they kept being mean and nasty towards others. The worse thing is they pray that their enemy will be put into danger and God will give favor to them. It is such a very human and earthly thought and this kind of attitude are so obscure and mischievous.

Crashing egos is the most difficult thing to do and this is an innate of our being. We dont know to balance ourselves in our existence to this known world into the realm of spirit.  Material things so much attract and distract people that caused us to be greedy and wicked. We always seek for attention and we are full of insecurities and uncertainties. We can't stand in a mature way of weighing things that pertains to the essence of our body and spirit because of our shaking faith.

Pride drives us human to accumulate negative emotions that complicate little mistakes into a huge ones and it will affect many things to the extent that some persecute, harass and some even fearlessly kill their enemies. They are prodded to execute unkind behavior just to mischief their opponents because of their pride and selfishness. Many are knowledgeable but only a few have wisdom how to use their knowledge.

I myself am a victim of persecution. It saddened me a lot at first but I kept on praying that God will give me strength to stand and go on not focusing such futile things. I chose to be meek as this is the wisest move I can do. Keeping calm behind the storm is a form of decency and smartness. I intensely prayed for strength and humility. I became mature enough to handle things and I strongly believe that there is such no conundrum in life that couldn't be solved by the power of prayers. God answered all my pleas and I became more grateful to observe my own growth.

I'm an no longer the one living on those times when I was easily blown by my temper as an initial reaction. I went to ponder first things more deeply and I asked forgiveness before the day ends. I realized not to be weak in my stance and outlook in life because God will never forsake to those who trust in Him. I conquered all my fears and worries by relying everything to Him. I want to grow as a person not only intellectually but most importantly, spiritually. For me, there are so many reasons to praise and worship Him. We don’t need to pay and register in order to contribute goodness. These are all free and everyone can afford if there is willingness to offer ourselves to make this world a paradise-like that we can enjoy its peacefulness and tranquility. Our shine is not being measured from the jewelries we are wearing but from the golden beams of light coming from our hearts which are pure and genuine glitters of love and respect. It is a treasure and blessings from heaven that we have to savor in each day.

There are many times in life that I smile without reason. And in my growth I can't even feel mad to those who are trying to put me down and embroiled me thinking they would be successful. But instead, I thank them because I believe, being persecuted will make our lives be more blessed if we only know how to deal with it. Those persecution I have encountered had become a beautiful foundation of my faith. I have had handled it humbly and l know that for sure it will become a rainbow that will unselfishly blend to contribute every stroke of its color to my inclination of  inspiring more people.

 If we only know how to value such pains caused by other people, we might embrace and thank them for the wonderful roll they play into our lives. Stay firmed and never tilt. Don’t curse them as they are the one increasing your glory in heaven. Love your enemies. Yes, I know its not that easy but practicing few good deeds a day, will make our angels in heaven to celebrate in grandeur. Control your tongue. If it won’t just utter kind words, better be quiet. Your silence response to harsh words thrown to you is a sign of growth. As to more pains and tribulations we encounter, the more blessings to shower from heaven. Let's embrace obstacles with the purest of our smiles. It gives us the fullness of maturity, that we can see things through our gift of wisdom.

Some people don't know what they're doing or maybe they know but their hearts are full of hatred and doubts. What they see towards others is just a reflection of their wicked hearts. So, instead of hating them in return, let's pray that they will realize how beautiful life is if we only use our hearts to love and not to hate. When I think of these people I only pray and hope they will experience to smile purely from the heart without burden, to have the certainty of their being, to shine from darkness, to inspire through the beaming light of their renewed life and that their hearts will always be at peace to anyone else and may their souls find sanity and exhilaration.

These are all I wished to smatter from my own humble thoughts I've gotten in my half a century of existence in this known world that after all of what had happened, in good and in bad times, I still want to share that I have nothing inside my heart but gratitude and love.



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