Silence loves empty rooms,
In deserted spaces it sounds louder,
Solitude does love Silence...
talking with tears in lost corners...

Do not be afraid of silence,
Stop for a while in the gale of day!
Go deep into the soul and talk with conscience
to reach inner world, to be at inner peace...

Silent World

The sky is crying tonight,
There is no single star shining,
No voices around, nobody home,
Only rainy music, nocturne concert for free.

Silence like the whole world died,
Only streams of tears down the pane.
How many lost hearts are feeling blue right now?
How many lonely souls are looking out the window?
Waiting for the hand, waiting for the miracle...

Who will rule the world?

Who will rule the world...
Maybe China, India or Latin America?
Who will rule the world?
Sound of open questions,
Brainstorming, undone debates
In the world where naked values fly in the wind
Like lonely autumnal leaves...
Pushed into oblivion,
Where roses shed petals of femininity,
Where replaced roles are already like a daily bread...
Where sea of death flows unnoticed...
Who will rule the world?
Where hypocrisy wears the royal crown
And the subject of higher realm is simply outdated,
Who will rule the world?
When life loses colors, the smell. the frequency
While burning the natural picture of tree...
"Let us weep, lament the enormity of the loss.
Let us smear our faces with coal, loosen our hair.
Let us implore that it be returned to us,
That second space..."

Anna Zapalska


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