All along I am always supporter of inclusive developmental economy -inclusive human development .No doubt to day India has emerged as truly economic power house in the world thanks to 1991 economic liberalization which fueled tremendous growth of India .If we look and analyse then we find rapid change in India in terms of economic growth .Today 

National income improved from 617.6 billion dollar to 1840 billion dollar ( 3 times increase )-Per ca-pita income rose from Rs 24143 to Rs 68747 --Last 10 years average GDP is 7.9% - Production of core sectors increased to almost double before 10 years -FDI has increased from 4.3 billion dollar in 2004 to now 36.8 billion dollar - FII investment increased from Rs 516.40 to now at Rs 112968.70 crore --Last 10 years 14 crore people improved from BPL to middle income group -Foreign exchange reserve is now 317. 09 billion dollar means almost one year import from just 1 billion dollar in 1991 but in realty what India is at present in terms of human development -Are we really following social economy ? Is there any effect on so many people's power like RTE(Right to education)RTI(Right to Information)MNREGA(Right to employment) Food security( Right to earn food ) and so many other laws or rules  given by INC Govt last 10 years which perhaps might be a envious propositions for other social economy followers countries of the world like China -Russia -Easter Europian countries -Latin American countries -Cuba as even after 80 /90 years they could not achieve such great length by giving enormous powers to people that too with out shedding any blood . Perhaps India has achieved fraction of percentages in terms of people's power really percolated to bottom line .Reasons are huge -Reasons are political instability --corruptions in high places --criminals politicians nexus -unorganized implementations of projects -polarization of people in the name of religion caste creed language and now regionalism .Bureaucratic hurdles -feudalism are prevalent very much still and latest political fanaticism is really cause for concern.Political leaders Parties mostly rely on lies tantrums and gimmicks in politics rather truth  .Yet 70% people of India mostly live in Rural are living on Rs 32 daily income .Why this disparity and imbalance in social development .Mainly I believe India has developed only 15 % people live in 490 cities and towns and perhaps last 30 years these 15 % people are only contributing India development --contributing tax revenue --contributing to political power game -contributing all kind of Industrial ,manufacturing ..And based on this 15 % people our Govt working on budget -working on investment .This is the reason all our Banks have concentrated on these people only and now time has come when our Banking system clogged saturated and unable to develop further for human development must now move forward and spread their wings to Rural India where development of India in such a magnitude has not reaches  .Rural Banking system in India is abysmally low still after 1991 economic liberalization and still people of Rural India exposed to local money lenders . What baffles me as India was once highly developed economy some 2500 years ago during great  CHANNAKYA a Pandit cum General of King Marya of 2500 years ago who had some path breaking social economy models which are still relevant in India 
For example Take the case of Organized retail sectors when we were so much hopeful of seeing flourishing of openings of Organized retails shops like Big Bazar --Reliance Fresh ,More in perhaps in 2002 when flurry of such big shops opened in Indian cities promising huge employment and slow death of 12 million kirana shops .In 2002 if there were 5000 such organized malls but to day scenario completely changed and reduced to only 2300 such shops in 490 cities and towns of India .Reason behind again depending on 15 % people and now stagnated and slowly going to die due to unmanageable gap of business of revenue and maintenance of huge infrastructure cost and virtually fighting profits and getting that becoming mirage in desert . This supermarket virtually contributing only 2 % of grocery sales and really struggling to make profit . And the rest 12 million Kirana shop owners of the country still surviving and catering to grocery and other retail need of the people of this great country .What we want to do now .Stop super market and allow rendering unemployment of more than 10 lakh people ?? or the unorganized 12 million Kirana shops to remain unorganized and run their business as usual ?? My answer is big NO but I believe we can have some solutions to this great business models of super market concept and at same time these unorganized retail shop owners to develop further . And what about developing 70 % BPL people ?? Task is very very tough but can be solved and what Govt can do to revive this retail industry has to be seen as helping hand to these business but never only revenue generating model . 

Some of the solutions what I believe are :-

https://ci6.googleusercontent.com/proxy/RnNZfQn2o2xpggJQqefCOervMbPIci5mujDPJnvl43kv6Rtxjyh5gHN_JKVzeU-aaGz3pePFgxfoAAtZJZNx8mveVTc-11j98EfuAJVcumUenA=s0-d-e1-ft#https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gif1. Let Govt allow to grow these super market by providing very low level of tax ,vat--Cheaper electricity

2. Let Govt provide some relief in terms of giving loan on very cheaper rate to both Super Markets and 12 Million Kirana shops for aesthetic development -foe looking more attractive in terms of supply chain mode .Let 12 Million Kirana shops run on Cooperative model like AMUL .Let 12 million shops become small super market and run parallel to Super Market .
3. Let Govt makes some policy on inclusive farming model in Rural India where in just 10 acre land we can grow inclusive farming which fetches Rs 2 Lak to 6 Lakh after two years of installation with 20 /25 employments from Rural India ( India has 6.4 lakh Village and imagine the potential ) 

4. Govt must start uniform GST for all sectors immediately with Non agri products having 12 % flat and Agri products with 2 % flat . And revenue sharing of the states and Center must be 70 % for states and 30 % for Center . Hope to see some resurgent vibrant economy to come in India soon and save the economy for further down fall. We need some inclusive human social development so that more people come under preview of more purchasing power category.India need at least 50 % human development by 2025 but never to remain on just 15 % people -Never to depend of 15 % people for planning economic revival --Need Banking to spread Rural India for economic upliftment of more people .India is not Europe or US but India lives with 70 % underdeveloped since long long time .Let Economic liberalization reaches to more human .India must think on Indianization of economic development but never on world developed country's model of economy .This is the way Chanakya thought some 2500 years ago .This is the way the great world leader Mahatma Gandhi thought of Indian economy . Let us all together build India and let us fight poverty together . No more political lies tantrums and gimmicks. Chanakya --Mahatma model of economy are still relevant 

Asim Boral 


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