it lies before me a brilliant and silent white noise;

innocuous at first appearance, but restless, bounding

about in its incessant imperceptible movements.

its bland emptiness is filled to overflowing with nothingness.

it voicelessly demands interaction; it throws down an inaudible

gauntlet to unheard applause from an empty arena.

it levitates; a simple blank sheet of paper floating about to a

deafening silent roar of approval from the cast of unseeing.

it alights once more with a resounding inaudible crash

to the surface of my desktop.

it attempts to elude my ineludible left hand

as i seize, crush and dispose of it in the

trash bin despite its silent howling

and mewling protest.




while I yet live let me ride on the wind
scouring this world over again and again
allow me to share with all peoples
who care for all of the all
from beginning to end

let me circle this world
with my selfness well furled
let me join in the laughter
as a tall tale's uncurled

let me join in the heartache
of hearts on the mend
let me share in each sorrow
again and again

let me go in the knowledge
that knowledge is frail
let me share in the wisdom
of life's holy grail

let me offer such succor
as resides in one soul
let me forgo petty judgement
as uncontrolled creosol

allow me to share with all peoples
who care for all of what's all
'til the endings begin
and beginnings too end


Top of Form

before me rests a faulty pen

whose ink has ceased to clone

it used to do my bidding when

my bidding was my own

together we could lay the ink

in patterns quite unique

but nowadays the patterns are

frail shadows - cold and bleak

we used to be a pair of hands

of partnership and love

but now what falls upon the page

is no longer hand and glove

the splotches taint a medium

once filled with hopes and dreams

but nowadays are now but days

of emptiness - it seems

the pen stares at me moodily

- expecting better of  -

the other part of partnership

now lost in loss of love

Bottom of Form


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