In blooming gardens

the petrified heart is dismantled
by drops of love from the pure source
freed from boarded environment
purple heather breathes a smile
tickles the hidden layers naked
forget the denial from areas
where laws marching in neat pass
we hide for impenetrable walls
but we know how to reach the green court
with a supply of flowers for the spirit
where affection smells like spice
in blooming gardens of the inner

In the ranks

a solid bridge deserves good railings
mahogany color fan the fire
both banks seems to be burning
secrets of tenderness trace advances
don't damage the marble pedestal
that shines in a violet holy light
I bleed in silence behind evening-masks
flattery creates complex torture
however, naked faces showing true tears
a storm is blowing in the ranks
my higher being waits quietly for the rain
in a tangle of emotional contradictions

Drum of hope

white light emerges as dreams become alive
an open future of infinitely richness and beauty
you wear a golden key around your neck
unlocks the doors that were previously closed
don't live any longer on the autopilot
time hurtling through and has no compassion
this world of the temporary is very rough
hard storms will tempestuous rain
but the song of nightingales never dies
hear life from the depths of your heart
let your drum of hope sound everywhere
as a roll with love in reflection

© Bianca & Gerhard


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