I Stand Strong

I have walked the paths of darkest night
My soul forever buffeted by the winds of fate
Been treated as less than nothing here
But I refuse to reflect the world's hate

I've spent long empty hopeless nights
Hoping for an angel to find me in the dark
Waiting for a saviour from on high
That could bring peace to this broken heart

I have dreamed of a white knight strong and true
With a heart of purest gold
Sang to the world the very depths of me
All my deepest secrets foretold

But somewhere under heaven's sky
I found the dream has changed it dance
I wait no more for rescue from myself
No longer a pawn to circumstance

I am Warrior,I am Strong,I am I
And no matter where the path wanders from here
I will dance in joyous wonder
Underneath this eternal starry sky

I need no other to make me complete
Though I am open to the possibilities in life
I have beaten all the odds ,won the battles
And held my head up strong through the strife

Deal whatever you dare now dearest fate
If love be in the cards then show my hand
But know that it is forever my true soul
That has carried me through this dark twisted land

No matter where the stars find me tonight
Alone or in the light of another's peaceful grace
The chains that have held me for eternity
Have truly now been replaced

But the knowledge that I am all I need
To win through the hardest battles I fight
Has set me free to fly on my own wings
And I dance in the beauty of heaven's peace tonight-


The gypsy dreams in amethyst
And dances under sapphire skies
If only just for a moments peace
Behind her weary eyes

She loses all she's come to loathe
About her truly broken heart
In a kaleidoscope of frantic dance
Hoping to outrun all the broken parts

Sometimes she wishes she could scream
Under heaven's lonely embrace
She sings to the stars in chaos
Hoping to find her place

She wishes she could see herself
Through rose colored glasses
Could forgive the broken and lost
As all that she's dreamed passes

Forgive her if the dance is wild
and often hard to control
For it beats from deep inside her
From a bruised and wounded soul

Maybe it was just a dream untamed
A prayer for inner peace
Maybe the stars will find her there
And her emptiness release

or maybe the dance will carry her
Far away from her broken whole
Sing her lonely heart to peace
And finally free her wild soul-

A Prayer for peace

Oh Great Spirit inside of me
Help this lost soul find it's song
Let her feel your presence
She's danced alone for so very long

Take these wings that long to fly
To the heart of heaven's grace
To see the spirits dance there
The visage of a godly face

Bless her path for it is hard
And she stumbles like a child
But her open heart beats ever true
Though it's dance may be wild

If earthly love be in the cards
Then pray deal her hand
If not then be a gentle peace
to carry her far from this land

I leave it to the Creators hands
They were ever more deft than I
And set my soul free at last
To adorn your starry sky -


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