SONGSOPTOK: Margaret, we would like to know your own personal views about literature in general and what role it plays in your own life.
MARGARET: Literature always played big role in my life. From school years when I studied great Russian writers like Dostoevsky, Tolstoy Chekhov Turgenev I was fascinated by its rich world . It always took me to exotic places, reading Fennimore Cooper about America first Europeans who came here Indians I never thought someday I would be here. I imagined totally different. Russian used to be country where people would take solace in reading. It was a problem to get good book and at times people had to stay in big line on cold to get Three musketeers or Queen Margo           

SONGSOPTOK: Please tell us about your childhood. Your upbringing, your childhood dreams.
MARGARET: I was born in Moscow in area where now standing Olympic stadium. I was tomboy, running with local boys, playing hide and seek. Near our house was film studio and I would watch sometimes, fascinated. Then we moved to Niice, spacious apartment and I got my own room. I took piano lessons, went to choir, studied music history.

SONGSOPTOK: Who were your idols in your earlier life, and to what extent did they influence you?
MARGARET: My idols? Well hard to say I was immature and lots of info did not get through iron curtain. I did not know much about music or history. Western culture was forbidden.

SONGSOPTOK:  Do you think Internet has brought a new dimension to literature in general?  So many writers in so many blogs, too many poets around! 
MARGARET: I think internet good thing to widen audience but it could be bad thing when people stealing copyright and is hard to control is fine with me that there so many poets is like poetry is blooming s

SONGSOPTOK: Now, tell us about your poetical journey, we all know that you are a prolific writer around. How do you manage your time!
MARGARET: My poetic journey started when I fell in love 3 years ago. First there simple poems, with practice they become more complicated. Vocabulary grew immensely so is poetic expressions. I wrote every day. Is normal thing for me. and I write very fast when there is idea. Topics choose me, not me choose them. It could be anything that triggers the imagination. I never know what will be next.

SONGSOPTOK: We would like to know more about your BLEEDING HEART, your own poetical page. Why it is bleeding?
MARGARET: I called Bleeding heart cause at time I was in very complicated relationship. It was long distance relationship and I very depressed at times how things go, My heart was crying, cause of personal circumstances. Then about pics, I write first and chose pic later. I have mental image already how it will go.

SONGSOPTOK:  Do you believe society as a whole, is the key factor in shaping you up as a poet, or your poetry altogether
MARGARET: No I don't believe that. I am my own person. I seen a lot in my life and it shaped me. I never danced under anybody tune.

SONGSOPTOK:  Being a social creature with our in-depth sensitivity we can't avoid or ignore present day politics around us. We would like to know, how it affects you, especially in your own writings!
MARGARET:  Yes it does affect me. I cannot stand injustices in world and I always raise my voice to tell people please let’s be one, let’s stop violence.

SONGSOPTOK: In this patriarchal society do you think, as a woman you need more free breathing space to uphold your own personality and liberty?
MARGARET: It all depends on country I guess. Here in America women fought for their liberties and have plenty .We still not on same level as men but still is better than in many Asian and African countries . I know in India is very complicated, even so is country of Indira Gandhi. Women get violated, beaten and there are no laws to protect them. I definitely think that laws should make anew and enforced. Women should not be afraid to raise the voice and then get stoned like in some Arabic countries.

SONGSOPTOK: In this regard we would like to know your own views about present day feminism.  Would you like to be addressed as a feminist?
MARGARET: I am not feminist , and I am far from it, but I support woman's right to choose what she want to do with her life. If she want child or not, if she forced to marriage, to step out of it and so on.

SONGSOPTOK:  Now, we all know that America is a land of immigrants. Your ancestors were Russian. How do you perceive this transformation of one's own nationality?
MARGARET: Yes America is country of immigrants. And been in New York I especially feel that. You can hear so many languages in morning commute on train or bus. I think and feel on English and from time to time if I get nostalgic I go Russian stores, but mostly I am not. I am American now and my roots show when I write mostly, my love for history and literature also from my roots.

SONGSOPTOK:  Are you satisfied about your own achievements in your life?  What are your plans for future?
MARGARET:  No, I am not satisfied at all. I amazed about my poetry and things I write I am proud of it Having 2 books on my own also great, but I would love to publish book with some art. I want to paint and see where it takes me.


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