(Dark Poetry)

Yes! I am here, feeble mind Light Dreamer.  Writhe and squirm.
I dare you, Mind Rider! To moan, struggle, and scream.
You wish to ride my mind? Let me show you my realm.
And I shall be able to invade your own thoughts and dream.

I, the King of Darkness, alone, know all of your hopes and fears.
I shall stir them with my trident; and your eyes will flow with bloody tears.
In my kingdom, all your ramblings and mumblings, no one hears.
Even if they do, no one shall come to help you. For no one really cares.

My long, thorny fingers shall probe the deepest part of your mind.
Your darkest secrets and weakness, my sharp claws shall find.
I shall bring forth to open; everything your heart has hidden behind.
And with them, I shall endlessly torture you, until your soul becomes blind.

Watch with your mother’s eyes, as I make your virgin child cry.
My minions shall ravish her body roughly. She will wish to die.
You will cry for justice; but I shall make the law, your appeals, to deny.
Look at her, languishing in shame. And the layers of covers she will hide and lie

Watch as your beloved friends gloat. And your love, they will gleefully betray.
They shall stab your back, and gossip lies. They will hinder your plans, and block your way.
Inside my hellish cage, you cannot escape. You will forever stay
I shall make your friends control you; so your trust in them will sway.

Your pure mind, I shall throw it to the furnace. And let it burn in scorching fire.
In your weak moments, I shall inflame your fleshly desire.
You shall yearn, and arouse your guardian angel’s ire.
And I shall every month, strum your hormonal lyre.

It is futile, for you to run to your sanctuary and hide.
I shall command my molding worms to spread out, far and wide.
Wherever you go, my spiders, snakes, and rats will search like ocean’s tide
They shall devour all your castles, and your colorful rainbow slide.

Watch that tiny fetus, jerking in its novice mother’s womb.
The sharp prongs will skewer, smash and stir it to its early tomb.
Listen to the priest, chanting for hours an old Latin prayer.
And the Mother Superior and fellow nuns join the litany of its biological father.

Watch those innocent young children, filled with undiluted terror.
As they bend their naked bodies, and be assaulted with lustful fervor.
Lo! Behold asses and cunts! Batteries and chilies, replace the flesh horror
And the beatings they get, for screaming pain in candor.

Watch the pleasure, in the eyes of the interrogating torturers.
As they stab, cut, and electrocute, the inmates and war prisoners.
It is so familiar with the glint in the eyes of sadistic health officers.
As they apply the torques, the pumps and surgical cutters

Watch those helpless wives and forsaken women.
See how they carry the physical, financial and emotional burden.
Same as those paid whores, treated as animals, freely beaten.
They will not be heard nor believed; but ordered for their plights to remain hidden.

Watch those dainty tiger and lion pussycats.
Their furs burned, and flesh oozing with pus from fresh cuts.
See those dogs fight each other to live; or be thrown to the river like rats.
Large elephants and rhinos bleed to death, missing their tusks.

Yes! I shall also invade your life in reality.
I will show more than these, to break your sanity.
You will vomit; you will stop seeing the Light of Life with clarity.
Your Logic will be obscured, in gruesome apathy.

Your Gods of Faith and Reason will not be able to help you.
In my kingdom, you shall return; and lust for more view.
Inhumane Cruelty and perverted Lust shall become your thrill.
You shall be my minion with bloodied hands; and forever enjoy the kill.

I have enjoyed watching you try to fight me and squirm.
You have given me delight, with your hopeless scream.
Your fallible Faith and Love, I have skimmed off like cream.
You are destined to be me, for I am now your dream.

Forever fleeting like a candle light
Looming shadow bringing not peace but fright
Like a roaring thunder deep in the night
Makes my heart stop, then beat with sudden might
A fear that puts my feet in hurried flight
Not knowing if everything is alright
Or even if running away is right
That has placed me in a situation tight
For I know it is either fight or flight
And I know if my hands should start a fight
I cannot stop until death is at sight

Control is not one of my spirits light
To allow the devil out is my fright
That is blowing out the candle at night
A past I have conquered with the Lord’s might
I rather choose a coward’s way of flight
After I’ve seen everyone is alright
And I have done everything that is right
Then I can move with a plan that is tight
For I know deep in my heart, it is either fight or flight
And I know if my hands should start a fight
I cannot stop until death is at sight


(Song writing :)

You came into my life like an angel
You are my Healing Angel from above
My Healing Angel, gentle as a dove

Come to me, my Healing Angel
Lift me up to the seventh level
Healing Angel, come and be mine
Don’t leave me hanging on line

Healing Angel, be my star
Don’t let my pains, push you afar
Healing Angel, ride in my car
I will strum for you my guitar

Healing Angel, let love flow
Show me your loving face glow
Healing Angel, give me a smile
Let passions ignite, for a while

Healing Angel, let me kiss you
Hold me tight, inside your wings
Healing Angel, let me kiss you
Hold me tight, inside your wings
[By: Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa]


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