Love Candy (Crunch)
Candy-coated bell-amores don’t do this fine,
Candy-coated crunches could sell this off the wine,
Candy-coated life could write this one away,
Candy coated bitter pleas could hear my heart say,
“To the candy crunch,
To the love of oats and wine,
To the love of mine could candy run this down!
To the love of mine,
To the love of mine,
To the love of mine could candy crunch roll around,
So the candy pillowcase could make me smooth,
So the candy cones could see the shocks too loose,
So the candy-coated pillow-fights could wear my heart right,
To the might of my candy-hearts on the go!
To the candy store,
To the candy shops,
To the candy litter where the bugs roll this right in,
To the candy sin!
So when sins turn round we’ll do the great big truth,
So when life turns down I’ll be the moat aloof,
So the candy sins could roll the dice so fine,
So the candy litter-bugs could feed on brine,
To the candy heart,
To the candy store,
To the candy shop-a-holic great folklore,
To the candy crush,
To the candy cane,
To the candy crunch on the high so night steers the game,
To the candy hunch,
To the candy pie,
To the candy roll-arounds to nights on the high,
So I wept the night away to hear more songs,
So I wept the night away to sing it on,
So I wept the candy-rush to candy-coated swings,
So the jing-a-lings could have my life worn down,
So the little jitter-bugs could steer the whole boat –
To my candy coat,
To the candy coated vessels will my life roll out,
To the candy shouts!
2014 ©

Love Candy (Sugar-Crush)
Breaks the gentle smoothness of the apple and the ticks,
Breaks the further kicks to the greatness of the store,
Breaks open the fizz to match the sticks and the stones,
Breaks the old footloose match to hold the life in stacks,
Breaks the open door to hold the games and the crunch,
Breaks the candy love to make the wall open fine,
Pour candy and ice in more of the old types of wine,
Roll the candy tush to where the night goes in,
Drink the candy juice to make the apple smooth,
Do the martini on the candy roll-punch too,
Get the candy punch to roll life on on-the-go,
Breaks the candy store,
Opens and…
Everyone shops around,
To the candy sound,
To the candy sound is where the bush goes in,
Breaks the candy-wrapper where the shouts roll about,
Do the candy jelly-bean on times run out,
Breaks the candy glazes when the drums roll out,
To the candy elephants again I rumble –
To melodic humbles on the joys and the sounds,
Spring is in the air to watch the candy run the ground,
Out is where I go hop to the candy coated bell-amore,
The candy-coated life…
The candy coated life is where the knife breaks in,
Still the candy-coated sweet,
The candy coated blood,
And the candy-coated glory drapes the open sound,
To the candy hops,
Runs the candy hound.
2014 ©

Love Candy (Butter-Road)
I melted molten lava,
Iced in  finest modes to
Drinks on score,
I found butter-treat
On the highway,
When I spilled confetti cream
To the pulse,
I found butter on confetti –
Dream the swirls;
Thine eyes;
Love the thrill
Of butter-sweet oaths to sing
On butter-sweet reasons
Brought fresh to confetti lush,
Trips on the milky highway;
Leap out in pures to punches,
To sink the last
Of that cornered touch
To end in a fine tune.

Butter it down!
To the seismic clouds,
Where the parting
Breaks butter,
Ice, and confetti
Into a triglitch of ways:
To mix up the years,
To lock the twirls
Of tastes
To stand the chances
Brought to
Toffee-sweet reasons;
Short and sweet –
Name it well –
Butter up
The Yellow Brick Road!
2014 ©


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