The way that males and females can communicate is next level great,
I think love and relationships can't be forced people need to wait,

Trust is a big thing at first and is the base from which to build.
Pain from the past in peoples hearts leaves a void which should be filled,

If your not acting like yourself around them this alone is a lie,
You will end up in the friendzone and always questioning why?

People like to feel loved,safe and respected,
But on the other hand people cannot handle being rejected,

Sometimes a deep conversation with the right person can be very fulfilling,
Just letting them know that your heart is there's if there willing,

The emphasis should always be focused on making tomorrow a better day,
Being open and honest from the start in a caring but not a intrusive way,

I guess that what you can draw from this is just to plant the seeds and sow,
Give it time and the right person and love could start to grow.........

© Dave Hill 2014


The place where I should never go,
The place where death is long and slow,
The place we met that winters night,
The place the you got that awful fright,
The place that equals hell on earth,
The place where money has no worth,
The place you lied and looked in my eye,
The place that made part of me die,
The place where my mom was still around,
The place my head was held under till I drowned,
The place we used to call the stream,
The place I visited in that dream.........

© Dave Hill 2014

Perfect Picture RIP MOM

When I look at your image it's an image from the past,
I wish you were still here in the flesh but perfect things don't last,

I mask my pain with a a fake smile and reassuring people I'm ok,
The fact of the matter is a piece of me is dead and the pain is here to stay,

I almost feel like I have reverted to a child like state,
You weren't just my mom you were also my best mate,

I'm trying to be the best father and man that I can,
Things keep going wrong and not going to plan,

I can plant my seed today and let the good times grow,
What the fuck am I supposed to do without you because I don't know.......

© Dave Hill 2014



  1. #realtalk...well done Dave...never truer words spoken...my favourite being 'friend zone' ;)
    Looking forward to reading what's next

    1. Aww thanks,It was about someone who I have always adored but been to afraid to tell her,but I will never stop adoring her,I'm soppy like that and shes amazing to me in every way!


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